What do we make of this, from AVN’s website:

Ownership of Seymore, Inc.’s Assets in Question

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Recently, AVN.com came into possession of a document titled “Security Agreement” entered into between Adam Glasser and his various corporations, and Fagelbaum & Heller, LLP, the law firm which represented Glasser in his legal battle with Sunshine Films/Factory Home Video and which apparently did other legal work for him as well. The document appears to be signed by Glasser for his various corporations, and Jerold Fagelbaum for the law firm.

The story written by mark Kernes goes on to tell about how Adam Glasser (Seymore) gave up everything (even shit he doesn’t own, like the name Philmore Butts) to this lawfirm to hold as collateral on his legal fees. When Mark Kernes, who is supposedly a friend of Seymores tried to call him all he got was an operator who was taking orders for videos and claimed to have never heard of Adam Glasser.

OK peeps, my keen nose tells me theres a lot more to this story than meets the eye, but I’m not sure who is on top, ie who is trying to fuck whom here.
First thngs first, this is a highly unusual document to “leak” out. It has to have come from either Adam himself or the attorneys office, nobody else would have a copy.

That being said which one is it enlisting AVN for the PR? Is this the Free Screech Cabal working to smear Glassers name somehow? Kernes is beholden to the Free Screech Cabal, who coincidentally did NOTHIING, NADA ZIP to help Glasser in his battle against the City. Is it Glasser himself putting out some sort of mesage through Kernes? If so why? It does appear that the gist of the message is; if Glasser is trying to sell you something, don’t buy it, he doesn’t even own his name. More as this develops….If you know anything drop me a line…I will protect your privacy.

4170cookie-checkWhat do we make of this, from AVN’s website:

What do we make of this, from AVN’s website:

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