UK Performer Rio Lee Caught Lying About AVN Awards

There is a performer in the UK named Rio Lee. According to her Twitter profile, she has 12 AVN awards.

The problem is, at least for this year is that anyone can look up who has won an AVN award. In fact, there is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the AVN award winners. Do you know whose name is not there? Rio Lee.

Not once, and damn sure not 12 times like her Twitter profile claims.

On November 8, 2017, she made a post on her official website which claims she is a XXX rated award-winning porn star and then lists the following 4 awards she won.


None of those are AVN awards. So if she really won 12 AVNs, why does she not list them on her own website?

Guess it just goes to show you, you can’t always believe what people tell you.


191460cookie-checkUK Performer Rio Lee Caught Lying About AVN Awards

UK Performer Rio Lee Caught Lying About AVN Awards

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8 Responses

  1. Enjoyed the article Kelli. I usually don’t comment on anything but this one needs addressing. I’m glad MS offers a place to do so and people like you add to it.

  2. Maybe she won her AVN awards from XBIZ or Venus. Easy to confuse USPS/UPS/FedEx too. And if I ask for a kleenex I meant tissue.

  3. Unless she means she owns 12 past issues of AVN Magazine, somehow won the awards under another name or Kelli and I are both delusional as hell and off of our meds (which isn’t the case, I took my meds a couple of hours ago and to my knowledge Kelli isn’t schizophrenic or bipolar I and doesn’t need them in the first place) this Rio Lee chick probably hasn’t won 12 bukkake mopes jizz, certainly not 12 AVN awards (which unless a person is a producer/director and winning over decades that is hard for anyone to do, I think Will Ryder might accidentally have 12 AVN awards but likely no one else has that many — although a count of each performer’s AVN award tally would be interesting). I know I hadn’t heard of her until tonight and don’t recognize her as a performer using a different name.

  4. I did my research this time, Kelli. You are right about Axel, according to Wikipedia he has 15 AVNs and the way Wikipedia is run omission is more likely than lies about having an award whereas Greg’s page shows only five (I was actually asked to be an editor for Wikipedia in about 2006, since at that time all of their reasons for and arguments about page changes between editors were public I researched that and saw near chaos in their management — seeing that I said no thanks before even asking about salary and bennies which I suspect weren’t much considering at the time they were a fledgling operation with at least 200 editorial staff to pay already. I hope they are run better nowadays but I understand their editorial standards and method of page maintenance are still extremely strict, probably still causing omissions in biographical pages).

  5. I watched the Twitter account the other day when I made the post. It had been updating with the same image since last week. There were over 4000 images and all but a dozen were the same one. I think maybe someone got her phone or laptop and pirated the account. I’m going to look at again and if it’s still doing the auto updates, I’ll count the intervals.I don’t know her. Never heard of her until this happened but I would be glad to know if someone else purveyed that she had multiple awards. I’ve never been in the running because I won’t attend shows. Not fair to the young people that do. That being said, it’s like spinning in the face of the people that worked day and night for a year on performance and networking. I will post my updated onion this weekend and understand, it’s just my opinion.

  6. mharris — You may be right about Greg Lansky only having 5 himself. I was thinking of the ones attributed to his sites/movies but yeah when it comes to him personally 5 would be about right, now that I think about it.

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