The Final on the AVN is Sold Story

I should have stuck to my guns on this one, Paul Fishbein himself told me that AVN had not been sold and I said all along that I felt at most some part of AVN had been sold, but not the magazine.

Michael Fattarosi, Porno Dan, Kevin Blatt and others worked hard to convince me otherwise.

Ultimately I learned that there was a deal to buy part of AVN (probably AVNOnline) for a ridiculously high amount of money.

But the deal was closer to something like this, Francis pitched the sale and Fish being no  fool said hey, you come up with that, we would sell…in other words Show Me The Money. I suspect Fish knew it would never happen.

So Iporn (which wasn’t really a part of the deal, but the company that funded iporn was …adultvest) anyway they started making noise about making the announcement that this part of AVN had been sold during Adult Expo or maybe Internext) BUT….

Funding fell apart as the major investor in Adultvest pulled out of the deal and they failed to make the deadline on the first payment.

So that about sums it up til next years rumors of AVNs sale start circulating.

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The Final on the AVN is Sold Story

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