Thanks To Goddess for Giving Me a Little Vacation:

Nothing interesting really happened in porn but there is one thing I do want to comment on.

A couple of months back I chronicled some problems that Autumn Rayne had with a certain company in New York called Ebony and Ivory, they didn’t just screw her, they gave her a forged check and faked HIV tests. I am happy to be able to tell you that the head scumbag behind Ebony and Ivory is now incarcerated. This is his third felony conviction if he goes down and that means life behind bars for him. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and congrats to Autumn for setting him up so that NYPD could take him down.

Something else I noticed….AVN, to my knowledge, hasn’t written a word about it. let some scumbag get arrested for child porn and AVN reports it on the front page. I think they have some fucked up priorities of late over there.

12460cookie-checkThanks To Goddess for Giving Me a Little Vacation:

Thanks To Goddess for Giving Me a Little Vacation:

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