Sounds like the French, this from

French Impose 93% Tax on Adult Entertainment Starting In 20043.

Yes that’s right it seems that in a mere 18,041 years the French will begin taxing porn at an alarming rate. The Free Screech Cabal, sensing the ability to express outrage at no real monetary cost is currently putting together plans to begin lobbying the French Government to repeal this outrageous tax in about 18040 years. Executive Director Bill Lyon was heard to comment “Hey we can milk this thing for over eighteen thousand years and never spend but a few dollars on press releases on it, It will be the biggest battle of our existance. This is the kind of thing the FSC loves to fight and we will win.

Wait till they figure out AVN made a typo….shouldn’t take more than 10 or 12 thousand years….

5390cookie-checkSounds like the French, this from

Sounds like the French, this from

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