Some History: From 8/23/2003

ICM Registry v.FSC?:

It seems the overwhelming majority of the people in the Free Speech Coalition are, in fact, against this unholy alliance to ramrod through the .xxx Top Level Domain. One thing you can bet your ass on, this is ALL about the money. Jason (The Snake) Hendales, The HWMIC at ICM Registry is fond of telling us how the government CAN’T regulate the domain. But you can bet your sweet ass The Snake won’t be there when we HAVE to defend ourselves from the Government.

Face it This is all about making money and ICM Registry stands to make a pretty penny if this passes. Jason and everyone else from ICM Registry could give a fuck what happens once he starts selling the domains, all he wants is the money.

The Snake Strikes:

Word I am getting is that Jason “The Snake” knows that given the current membership, the unholy alliance he is trying to forge to lead us all into slaughter is probably going to fail. Is that going to stop The Snake? NO. He packed the FSC meeting with “new members” and they are joining the FSC at a pretty high rate….hey at 50 bucks a pop the 5 Grand it would cost ICM Registry to stack the deck with 100 members voting for him is peanuts, way cheaper than trying to buy off the votes currently there. Lets face it even 50 Grand is nothing compared to what he will make if this .XXX Trojan Horse becomes a reality.

The FSC is wise to this effort, I applaud them so far, lets see if they can stand thier ground…Hell I might even join.

If for no other reason than to tell The Snake and ICM Registry to drag your sorry asses back to Canada then FUCK OFF AND DIE!

Do I feel strongly about this…OH HELL Yes!

From 10/10/2003

The Future of .xxx May be Decided Tonight.

Jason “The Snake” Hendales from ICM Registry in Canada is going to propose to ICANN the adoption of a new .xxx top level domain. I have chronicled this in earlier pieces here. Tonight the Free Speech Coalition board will vote on this proposal. The fate of the .xxx domain jst may lie in their hands. Without the FSC support it seems likely that ICANN will again reject the .xxx domain idea as they did once before. With the support of the FSC, it is believed that the idea has a chance. So much so that ICM registries has offered the FSC “renumeration” in the amount of a substantial percentage of the revenue, I’m not talking single or even low double digits, I’m talking as much as half.

To those in the FSC who are more beholden to the almighty dollar this seems like a great way to line their pockets.

To those in the FSC who are concerned about the welfare of the adult industry this seems like a great way to zone ourselves into a cyber ghetto.

I urge the FSC to reject this unholy alliance and send Jason and ICM Registry packing.

As soon as I know the results of the vote, I will post it here.

It’s 32 Degrees Farenhiet in Hell, Pigs are Flying all over the Place and Wild bears are Shitting in the Ocean:

That’s right I am PRAISING the Free Speech Coalition! In a resounding defeat of 6-2 the board voted AGAINST support of the .xxx top level domain. I am told the two yes votes were from Walters and Piconelli, both attorneys with the most to gain from its passage. Thankfully cooler and less avaricious heads prevailed and even though the FSC stood to get a substantial amount of money from each domain sold, the board did the right thing and sent Jason “The Snake” Hendales and ICM Registry back to Canada empty handed.

I have been critical of the FSC in the past but today they get nothing but my highest praise. I hope that this marks a turning point for the FSC and that they will fix some of their past problems and turn themselves into an organization that we can all support and be proud of.

I apologize for not having this up sooner but I was shooting today….Besides I gotta let AVN get a scoop every now and then 😉

Tim Writes:

Old Buddy, you carry a BIG FUCKING STICK. You may not know it, but you do. I was there when you dressed down Hendales and Piconelli in Miami. I am absolutely convinced that you had more influence on the FSC vote today than any other ten people combined. I know that had I been on that board I would not have wanted to explain a yes vote to you. You get it. Thank you for standing up and telling it like it is. The powers in the Valley may not admit it but they all read your site and they all see the common sense approach that you take. It is very hard to argue with common sense. Keep screaming my friend, they hear you.

Wow, Thanks man, I can’t take credit for the vote today but I can promise you that I will never back down when I believe I am right. I love this industry and the people in it and I love the people who read my site. I am not always right, by any stretch, but I write with my heart here, and I certainly have a right to be wrong. Thanks Again Tim, and thanks to all of you for letting me into your head, right or wrong I appreciate the fact that you read me.

Gee Thanks Picconelli and All The Rest Of You Fucking Sellouts:

You think 2257 is bad….

ICANN is pleased to announce that the independent evaluation process, which began last year, has resulted in a further sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD) application moving to the next stage.

As the process for selecting new sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLDs) continues from a pool of ten applications, ICANN has now entered into commercial and technical negotiations with an additional candidate registry, ICM Registry, Inc, (.XXX).

ICANN recently announced the designation of two new sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs), .JOBS and .TRAVEL at the 22nd ICANN International meeting in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

ICANN has also recently entered into commercial and technical negotiations with the following additional candidate registries, .CAT, .POST & .MOBI.

Discussions continue among ICANN Board and Staff regarding the evaluation of four additional proposed sponsored Top Level Domains (sTLDs): .ASIA, .MAIL, .TEL-Pulver, & .TEL-Telnic.

An update on the status and progress of the additional applicants will be made as they proceed further through the process.

Please address any media enquires concerning the registry applicant, ICM, to Stuart Lawley +1 (202) 585- 0259 or visit for more information. For any enquires concerning ICANN please email [email protected].

Tony404 Writes:

Trust me .xxx becomes a reality expect a law within a year making us give up our .com’s THis is so bad ,how anyone in this industry can support this is beyond crazy.

Also Does Avn support this ? If so we should stop supporting them

Aly_AVN Replies: (on GFY)

AVN reports the news and throws trade events, we’re required to remain objective, not pick a side.

I Immediately Responded:

Like you didnt take a stand on sexyoutdoorsports?

Thats a fucking lowlife cop out Aly and everyone of you fuckers at AVN knows it.

AVN has waffled back and forth on this issue supporting it when the slimebags at ICMRegistry promised AVN money from each registration for their support (via the FSC) the FSC wisely chose not to support .xxx and Im thinking more and more that Bill was fired for it.

AVN needs to quit being for sale to the highest bidder and take a stand for some reason other than a bribe

Aly_AVN Replied:

Thanks for your opinion Mike. I promise to pass it on.

I’ve never been called a lowlife fucker before… Guess there’s a first time for everything.

I Replied:

I didnt call YOU anything

You know as well as I that your editorial policy on this issue SUCKS

personally I prolly like you but you are speaking for AVN and I am speaking TO AVN

Aly_AVN Replies:

That’s cool Mike. And I really do promise to pass this on. Thanks!

Japchick Writes:

Dear Hillbilly,

Wow! I knew you were smarter than you let on. The letter you penned to Dr Reisman was intelligent, well written and non combative. I always had a feeling that under circumstances unknown to most porners that you are an articulate and intelligent spokesman for the industry. You demonstrated that very well!

Tony404 Writes:

You should send that as an op ed letter to the New York Times, I bet they would publish it.

Mr Fiction Writes: (on GFY)

World Net Daily is one of those right wing propaganda sites that claims to be news. It is a propaganda site, not news.

Good job standing up to them.

KernelPanic Writes:

Bingo, well written, and agreed. Its unfortunate that the adult industry is a scapegoat, but such can be expected when religious/moral propagandists have infiltrated every major news outlet, and enjoy significant representation among federal officials.

Thanks to all for your support, I wish I wasn’t in such a minority when it comes to trying to get the word out about the truth of what it is we do in this biz.


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Some History: From 8/23/2003

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