No Sooner Do I Post Than They Are UP:

Pirates got 22 noms, Catherine got 15 and DMJ got 16

My Buddy Rodney Moore got inducted into the Hall of Fame …congrats to all the nominees.

There is one particular award I have a huge beef with but Im gonna save it…The Sturman Award

Giving that to a guy who has done his best to take down the industry with him is a slap in the face to Mr Sturman.

The Awards Everyone Loves To Hate and Hates To Love:

AVN will announce the nominees for the 2006 AVN Awards sometime today. Look for Pirates and Catherine to score big, also The New Devil In Miss Jones. High /Low on Pirates is 16 noms

For once Best New Starlet isn’t that hotly contested Sunny Leone maybe although she has only one release I think, Jenaveve Jolie if she wasn’t nominated last year, Sunny Lane is a real good bet as is Austyn Moore but it could go to anyone….

A Store Owner Writes:

Long time no talk to. This is in reference to the question about top 5 pornstars. As a video store owner I can actually list from statitics, from my store, Video Hub, in Bowdon, Ga. This information is based on rental statistics, compiled from the last year.

1. Dasha, by almost a 3-1 margin over the next closest

2. Jenna, has a slight lead over

3. Brianna Banks, who is followed closely by

4. Stormy Daniels,

5. is actually a 3 way tie (well actually 4 way) Angel and Ashley Long, Gauge, and Paris Hilton. I count the Long sister as a single since they came outta the same womb.

Mary Cary could have made this list, but I have more problems getting her videos, she leads in the catagory of the most requested that I can’t fill. I hope all is going well for you, and that the holidays treat you well. If I can be of any assistance, for anything gimme a call Have a great day….Tom Hubbard owner, The Video Hub, Bowdon Georgia

Thanks Tom, responses and commentary from store owners ALWAYS get priority here cuz you guys are the front line!

I Was Gonna Do A Top Ten Karaoke Song List From Last Nights PSK:

But theres only two “Turkey Songs” Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song and Turkey In The Straw

Harry Weiss Is A Sick Man, He Sends This:

A festive main course for the holidays from Bubba South

1.Start with some fresh road-kill. (if its already turned into road jerky, save it for sumpin’ else)

2. Wash, or let the dog lick away most of the fur and dried blood.

3. Marinate road-kill for 1 hour in moonshine and spices. ( if ya ain’t got no watch or cain’t tell time, 1 hour is about how long it takes to catch and fuck yer cousin)

4. Very important, pre-heat skillet or road-kill will stick!

5. Slather butter on skillet (no such thang as too much butter) and place marinated road-kill on skillet, wait 5 minutes and flip. After another 5 minutes, remove and put on plate. ( if ya ain’t got no watch or cain’t tell time, 5 minutes is about how long it takes to have sex wif dat lazy dawg on da porch)

6. Make more.

Hookers and Whatnot:

I was checking out lukeisback today and I came across his blurb on, suppsedly being Nici of I went on over and had a look and what to my bloodshot eyes should appear? My former next door neighbor Alexa Lauren right there in the top spot. I took pics of her several years back that we sent to Penthouse and it got her a centerfold…30th Anniversary Pet of the Month Centerfold to be exact. She swore she would never do porn but I guess turning tricks ain’t the same…RIGHT…

Anyways a few other notables on there

Natalia Cruz aka Sophie Santi, Digital Playground’s newest contract girl…I guess they all follow Devon’s lead ( Devon is no longer with DP and hasn’t been on the payroll there for a couple of years)

Vivid Girl Lanny Barbie and former Vivid Girls Kobe Tai, and Kelly Jaye are also up there.

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No Sooner Do I Post Than They Are UP:

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