Hey, everybody, its Goddess again. You know when I agreed to update  the site for him while he was away, I did not realize he would be expecting me to update the site every day until he left, too. He claims that he’s “making sure I know how to ftp.” Hmmm, is it my imagination or is this guy taking advantage of me big time? I have to update my site, jill off, work a ten hour day, jill off, update his site, pack for my trip to Atlanta and jill off. Oh, and I guess I should try to find some time to feed my kids.
I really can’t wait till Mike goes “fishing,” though. First thing I’m gonna do on the site is spruce it up with some cutesy clip art. You know, kitties, teddy bears, flowers….all the things that scream “Mike South is a manly man.” Second thing I’m gonna do is tear down that pic of Mr. South to the left of your screen. Sorry, Curious, but that thing drives me nuts. Hmm, maybe I’ll replace it with a picture of a cute puppy with big sad brown cartoon eyes.

Today Mike received this email from Jay Moyes:
“It’s about time we came up with a manual for those writing columns for AVN insider:
1. Avoid talking just about yourself. Especially starting every sentence or
paragraph with the word I…It just looks bad.
2. Please talk about porn or sex. Our readers know you’re smart, fucker,
but they want to know you’re a smart fucker.
3. Funny helps…alot.
4. Yes, we all know you’re proud to work in porn, and it’s the great
American job. Dave Cummings already said that….repeatedly.
5. Keep it short, and sweet, about enough to fill two screens worth at the
most. Most readers have the attention span of a…….”
Okay, I think I managed to break everyone of Jay’s rules in this brief update, except for number 4. Number 1 is a tad difficult to avoid when you’re writing a column voicing your opinions, but since I don’t really read AVN because their sites are a nightmare to load on a 56k connection, I shall refrain from further comment. No, I won’t. Personally I think it’s rather cheesy that AVN is getting all these people to write for free and well, ya get what ya pay for. Isn’t that right, Mike?

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