Is Acacia on the Ropes?

We know that they are being countersued by adultcheck and we know of the legal battles they face, but here is something you didn’t read on AVN. Acacia has filed to sell 50 million dollars worth of shares for capital, thats a major dilution of the stock.

My thoughts are they are either in need of money for the long court battles ahead or they are trying to buy something, maybe a company or another patent.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up on this one.

Server Problems Yesterday, Email Too:

It should be fixed by the time you read this depending on how long the DNS propogation takes.

Luke Ford Asks Me For Scoop:

Thats how slow its been in Porn Valley this week….The King….The Matt Drudge of porn was askin ME for good scoop. Sadly I don’t have any. the only thing that would even be of mild interest to Luke is Jen the Copy Editor at AVN quit last Friday, it just isn’t an interesting story though assumeably she moved on to bigger and better things.

Presumeably in about a week when they catch up AVN will have nothing to write about either ….


11720cookie-checkIs Acacia on the Ropes?

Is Acacia on the Ropes?

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