AVN Has Indeed Been Sold

Although there has been a lot of speculation as to the details I now have evidence and do believe that this time the rumors are at least to some degree, TRUE.

It may be that only a part of AVN has been sold, like AVNOnline or it may be that the whole thing has been sold. It may also be that a controlling interest has been sold the details are not known at this time.

What is known is that Adultvest is the buyer.  Adultvest is an adult hedgefund that is capitalized through private investors and it has amassed a VERY large sum of money to invest in adult ventures.

Sometime during Adult Expo (Jan8-11th) an announcement will be made as to exactly what has been purchased.

At this time I do not know how this will affect AVN Employees, and organizations like the FSC and AIM that are highly dependent on AVN.

Seems the lesser sites actually got one close to right this time.

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AVN Has Indeed Been Sold

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