AVN Gets A Face Lift:

OK They NEVER link me but they deserve a little credit. They actually overhauled that horrid, cluttered slow assed site design they had and replaced it with something clean, efficient and FAST! Nice job y’all.

OK What Is It With Porners and Talent Agencies Anyway?

I mean don’t we have enough? It seems the glut of directors who didn’t know shit about directing are now all becoming talent agents who don’t know shit about talent.

It seems to me we now have more talent agencies than we have talent…Doesn’t Cali require you to be licensed and bonded to be a talent agent?

Good lord what are these people gonna do next? Become dime store doctors like Sharon Mitchell?

Harry Sends Me Some Names For Devon and Tawney’s New Production Company:

And they were funny but I lost the email…resend em please Harry

Some Thoughts On The XXX Church:

I got a tip that there may be some improprieties in the Trinity thing over there but it didn’t pan out to be factual. It did get me to thinking though because I have seen many porners malign these guys and that strikes me as rather hypocritical.

Personally, I think that there are some people who enter this biz who are not emotionally and mentally equipped for it and do it as kind of a last resort, if the XXXChurch can help these people by offering them an alternative that may serve them better then hel,l I am all for it. In the long run they do us a favor by keeping a potential problem out of our biz.

My only problem would come if they supported legislation to take away the choice and I have been assured by Craig over there that they do not support any legislation that would remove that choice for consenting adults who wish to make it. Instead they will simply be there for anyone who wants to have an alternative or who wants to get out and I’m very OK with that, that’s what it should be all about…choice.

You see the same amendment that gives us the right to be in porn gives them the right to be in religion and it is not good for either of us if either of those rights gets abridged.

Without XXX there is no XXXChurch and they do seem to recognize that.

Should We Save The Frogs Again? RW Writes:

President Bush has authorized the Joint Chiefs to begin drawing up a battle plan to pull France’s ass out of the fire again. Facing an apparent overwhelming force of up to 400 pissed off teenagers, Mr. Bush doubts France’s ability to hold off the little pissants. “Hell, if the last two world wars are any indication, I would expect France to surrender any day now”, said Bush.
Joint Chiefs head, Gen. Peter Pace, warned the President that it might be necessary to send up to 5 Marines to get things under control. The general admitted that 5 Marines may be overkill but he wanted to get this thing under control within 24 hours of arriving on scene. He stated he was having a hard time finding even one Marine to help those ungrateful bastards out for a third time but thought that he could persuade a few women Marines to do the job before they went on pregnancy leave.
President Bush asked Gen. Pace to get our Marines out of there as soon as possible after order was restored. He also reminded Gen. Pace to make sure the Marines did not take soap, razors, or deodorant with them. The least they stand out the better.
In an unrelated matter, President Bush told reporters that he was considering a “Flu for Oil” Program to ease our country’s energy problem and prevent the upcoming pandemic. Nobody had a clue as to what the hell he as talking about.


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AVN Gets A Face Lift:

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