Attention IVD, Frank Koretsky, Mike Koretsky and Al Green:

You are fucking up. I am selling 200 plus copies of each of my new releases into YOUR accounts. I am also selling, on average, 70 copies per month of my catalog releases into your accounts and thats JUST here in Atlanta. I would really rather not, but it seems you can’t fill your customers needs so I will. That’s money right out of your pocket, I sell them for the same price, if not more than you do.

RIP Uncle Jed

Buddy Ebsen died today


Hope You all had a Great Weekend!

I appreciate the outpouring of support that I got from everyone on the whole Mark Kernes thingy, I can’t post every letter although the gist of them all was the same, that Kernes was very unprofessional and that the whole deal made him and his employer look very bad.

I do want to mention something that Goddess brought up though

“I wonder what he would have said if South were black?! Do the words “anger management” mean anything? Sigh. While his intention was to discredit Mike through ridicule, Kernes is the one who came off looking immature and boorish. My daddy once told me that when a man can’t fight intelligently, he’ll fight dirty, and daddy sho as hell knew what he was talking about.”

What would Kernes have said if I were black? Anfd why does it make a difference? Hate is hate is hate. I think we all know what Mark would have said.Or do we? If I were black and Mark used the word “nigger” do y’all think he’d still have a job? Mark was every bit as disrespectful to me and I suspect he caught some heat for his little tantrum but nothing compared to what would have happened had he used the same kind of speech in an argument with Lexington Steele or Sean Michaels.

And how did that get on anyway? If Mark had sent me that I’d never have posted it for the same reason I don’t post the nonsense I get from Bryan Sullivan. I won’t even post it to make fun of it because I won’t give him the forum. I refuse to dignify this type of shit by including it here.

This is all I’m gonna say about this. We all know what the issues are now and you are all able to read this site meaning you can actually read 🙂

Therefore you can educate yourselves and take the proper precautions.


9040cookie-checkAttention IVD, Frank Koretsky, Mike Koretsky and Al Green:

Attention IVD, Frank Koretsky, Mike Koretsky and Al Green:

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