Alexa Rae Writes:

Hey honey,
first of all, I just wanted to say thank you for posting my interview. It seems to be getting a lot of positive response! I hope, over time, we will become friends, and be able to look back at this and laugh!

And, it seems that people want to know more about the Max and Charley Frey issue. My answer to that is the following:
My whole purpose of doing this interview was to show that I have grown up and that I no longer lash out at people. However, I have NOTHING remotely positive to say about either person. Talking about either one would exemplify my bad, ghetto side, so, I chose to plead the fifth on both people!!!

Also, I wanted to tell you and eveyone that my OFFICIAL site is up! It’s still under construction, but its up for the most part!

here is the url

check it out!

Much love
Alexa Rae

Well Alexa, so far the response to your interview has been overwelmingly positive. Most everyone even commented that it was a solid interview and well balanced. I look forward to meeting you in person someday! Thank You for being candid and honest!

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Alexa Rae Writes:

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