Woo-Woo! No Sympathy For This White Devil at BlackPayBack.com

Revenge is a dish best served black!

Adult starlet Sophia Grace appears in the new race play offering from premium interracial site BlackPayBack.com, titled “No Sympathy For The White Devil”.

The seriocomic adult platform spotlights black-on-white rough sex where fair-skinned beauties pay for the sins of white America.

In the newest Black Payback scene, 22-year-old Sophia portrays a nose ring-wearing she-devil who pretends to have sympathy for the plight of the black man. Enter brother Rico Strong to show her that she has actually been exercising her white privilege at his expense.

Struck by this realization, as well as by his BBC, Sophia works hard to make reparations orally to “Black Daddy” Rico. “I’m so sorry for us being such shitty people!” she cries out on behalf of her race in a moving moment of ebony/ivory solidarity.

Woo-Woo! No Sympathy For This White Devil at BlackPayBack.com

“Everyday I’m faced with hatred and struggle,” a company rep stated. “Never rely on a white Becky for sympathy, no matter what she sayin’. She will sell you down the river dawg, just like her colonizer ancestors did.”

The high-powered scene runs a whopping 68 minutes and is available now at BlackPayBack.com, and features a set of 314 high-resolution photos.

The NSFW trailer for “No Sympathy For The White Devil” can be viewed here.

Videos are offered in multiple formats at BlackPayBack.com: MP4, mobile, and 60p HD, with 4K video downloads available soon. 

Also featured on Black Payback are dizzying performances by Riley Nixon, Amara Romani, Maddy O’Reilly, Alex More, Shelby Paris, Layla Price, Anastasia RoseLauren Phillips and dozens of other white girls getting the BBC.

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About BlackPayback.com:

The brainchild of porn impresario, provocateur and evil genius Duke Skywalker, the premium interracial adult site BlackPayBack.com features Skywalker’s trademark melding of sex and wry social commentary.

“Events of recent years, from Ferguson on, show that blacks are still getting a raw deal. Racial profiling, false rape accusations… I think there’s a feeling that the black man has to take matters into his own hands.”

That sentiment became the jumping-off point for an incendiary new series of interracial rough sex couplings. Independently produced in California’s Porn Valley and released exclusively through BlackPayBack.com, the explosive race-play vignettes feature black male performers turning the tables on bratty Caucasian lovelies. Uncomfortable historical realities are satirized as the prelude to potent hardcore pounding.

Famously unafraid to court controversy with a tongue-in-cheek approach to sex and race, Skywalker recently relaunched the iconic and strictly Afrocentric rough sex platform, BlackOnBlackCrime.com.

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Woo-Woo! No Sympathy For This White Devil at BlackPayBack.com

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6 Responses

  1. This website is a disgrace and should be banned. MikeSouth.com should be ashamed of themselves for promoting it.

  2. Some people like free speech. The idea that someone who is obviously interested in adult content would talk of banning unpopular speech is quite terrifying. Whatever it is you’re into, Karmafan, someone out there (probably a lot of people) want to ban that, too. I’ll err on the side of free expression, thank you very much. Don’t like it? Don’t watch / read it.

  3. So by your logic kiddie porn, beastiality, or sites where guys beat the living shit out of girls is OK because its all free speech?

    Obviously there has to be a line sometimes and some sites cross that line. Blackpayback crosses that line.

  4. This is a legal product involving consenting adult human beings. Your examples are ridiculous.

    Boxers beat the shit out of each other too. But if it offends you, then I suppose we should ban it.

    What you write is basically the dumb “hate speech” argument. As we have seen many times, “hate speech” only means speech that the person referring to it that hates.

    No one has the right to not be offended. The concept is anathema to the principles of a free society. Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  5. Free Speech? Hardly! Why are my comments immediately removed to cover up what a pig Xxxx Xxxx is?

  6. Because you’re a crazy tweaker bitch. And all comments are subject to moderation because of crazy tweakers who come here to defame others. You have a problem with someone because of your personal issues and feel the urge to make defamatory comments, take it somewhere else. Maybe if you hadn’t fucked up your life you wouldn’t be out in the cold leaving nasty bitter comments. #DeepThoughts

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