‘Bow Towards Pecca’: Alluring Infidel is Converted to Radical Jizzlam!

Luscious lost lamb proclaimed “an Anti-Semenite no more” following sacred “cummunion” ceremony!

Alluring Infidel is Converted to Radical Jizzlam!

Radical Jizzlam, the adult site that makes a religion out of oral sex, announced that the kinky Caliphate has released a new video, titled “Bow Towards Pecca”.

Of the latest adventure from the Tales of the Caliphate, an apostle of the great and noble Caliph proclaimed: 

“She was an infidel before she entered the Caliph’s harem. Being wise, he recognized her obedience, and her willingness to be converted and saved. He pulled out his huge holy dick and had the unbeliever perform a sex act on it. When the Caliph fired his milk into her mouth, she was instantly converted to Radical Jizzlam! She now has the great honor of sitting with the Caliph’s other sacred concubines. Long live the Caliphate!”

“The Caliph operates under the power and cover of the FA Caliphate,” said adult webmaster, director and evil genius-turned-acolyte Duke Skywalker, his head covered by a black hood and a scimitar pressed against his throat, in a video statement considered too graphic for broadcast. “The great and noble Caliph’s purpose is to convert infidel ’Anti-Semenites’ to Radical Jizzlam, through teachings, rituals, and cummunion. By drinking the Caliph’s milk, these lucky souls complete their conversion to Radical Jizzlam. All praise to the Caliph! I must now atone for inviting the G.O.A.T. to my pig roast!”

The new scene, “Bow Towards Pecca”, is available for streaming and download here.

Other recent updates at RadicalJizzlam.com include “Jizzlam Accepts All Lost Souls” in which a troubled young woman is given purpose; “Found Refugee” in which a supporter of the Jizzlamic Brotherhood is given direction; “Spiritual Guidance” in which a problem with swallowing is cured; and “Immaculate Conception” in which a cheating wife is sent home to raise the blessed offspring of the Caliph.

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Long live the Caliphate!

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‘Bow Towards Pecca’: Alluring Infidel is Converted to Radical Jizzlam!

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  1. Duke Skywalker does have a set of brass balls, doesn’t he? I hope some Musslime doesn’t go all Charlie Hebdo on him. Duke does have one hell of a sense of humor, though. Now, cute bar chicks, bow toward my dick and suck me off! 🙂

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