Bellesa Films Presents ‘Unfaithful Betrayal’ from Jacky St. James

Abigail Mac headlines the opening chapter of the new series “Unfaithful Betrayal,” produced by Bellesa Films, and distributed exclusively by Mile High Media.

The award-winning superstar and box cover model leads a sexy cast of adult stars in four erotic vignettes of cheating wives and partners directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jacky St. James. The star-studded cast includes Lena Paul, Kendra Spade, Maya Kendrick, Quinton James, Mick Blue, Seth Gamble and Jake Adams.

“Abigail was an absolute dream on set, with her positivity, humor and complete dedication to her performance,” St. James said. “Fans will see her passion and energy as well as the powerful chemistry of our amazing cast, which is the real driver of this series opener.”

Bellesa Films Presents 'Unfaithful Betrayal'

Fully convinced that she’s cursed when it comes to sex with the men she dates, Lena confides in Seth that she hasn’t had an orgasm in months. Seth has a calm, cool and collected kind of confidence and tells her that he can make her orgasm. Confident in her own right, Lena challenges Seth to break the curse.

Lena Paul in Belles Films’ ‘Unfaithful Betrayal’

Abigail and Quinton promise each other yet again “this will be the last time,” as they find themselves together at the end of another night, out of breath, craving each other and unable to hold back. “Go home to your wife” Abigail whispers, as she breathes him in, and he unwraps her like a gift he’s been waiting his whole damn life to open.

Bellesa Films Presents 'Unfaithful Betrayal' from Jacky St. James
Maya Kendrick

After originally standing him up out of a mixture of nerves and guilt, Maya finally shows up at Jake’s hotel room. Flustered, she finds herself paralyzed. Unable to go for it, but unable to forget him. They agree on a kiss, just a kiss, to decipher if there really is something there between them. Kendra is taking a moment upstairs, bored of the people invited to the big party happening outside. Mick goes looking for her, and let’s just say she’s happy he found her in the bedroom. She’s totally been crushing on Mick, who is also her sister’s husband, but he’s clearly been harbouring some deep feelings for her too.

Bellesa Films Presents 'Unfaithful Betrayal'


Check out ‘Unfaithful Betrayal’ here.

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Bellesa Films Presents ‘Unfaithful Betrayal’ from Jacky St. James

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  1. I will have to take a look at this one. Also, Michelle Shnaidman should star in some of the movies she produces. She is exotic looking and cute, I am sure she would raise the dicks of many male performers. I would cast her in a BDSM movie where she is tied to a St. Andrews Cross then whipped and caned and the plot would be revenge for her originally starting a tube site before Holly Randall and Jacky St. James explained to Michelle the error of her ways — a way to bring real life to the television screen. I would even bring in Jacky (I don’t think Holly would be willing to participate in the scene even in a non-sex role like this one) explaining why tube sites are stealing content before her leading several male actors in to “punish” her. I think her only director is the cute and lovable Jacky St. James so naturally she would direct. Bellesa’s first BDSM movie with the owner of the company starring in it — that sounds so hot!

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