Another Sexy Seeker is Converted to Radical Jizzlam @Radical_Jizzlam

Wandering waif is “an Anti-Semenite no more” following secret “cummunion” ceremony in the Garden State!

Sexy Seeker is Converted to Radical Jizzlam

Face Pecca! Radical Jizzlam, the adult site that makes a religion out of oral sex, announced that the kinky Caliphate has added a new loyal follower: a busty blonde-haired seeker who worships the Jizzlamic Brotherhood! 

The adult entertainment platform – built with the absolute belief that all speech should be cherished and protected as if it were holy writ – has dedicated itself to providing users with an exclusive catalog of original boutique content as well as a first-class user experience.

Of the latest adventure from the Tales of the Caliphate, the great and noble Caliph proclaimed: “When a female presents herself, the Caliph always pays close attention to breast quality. This maiden had beautiful breasts, so the Caliph bumped her to the front of the line to be converted. She was in full garb, and was to praying Pecca. She was sucking it, too. The Caliph had her remove all articles of clothing except that which was covering her hair. She bobbed up and down, accepted the milk of paradise, and became the latest convert to Radical Jizzlam.”

The new scene, “Sacred Puffy Nipples”, is available for streaming and download here.

Other recent updates at include “Jizzlam Accepts All Lost Souls” in which a troubled young woman is given purpose; “Found Refugee” in which a wandering seeker is given direction; “Spiritual Guidance”  in which a problem with swallowing is cured; and “Immaculate Conception” in which a cheating wife is sent home to raise the blessed offspring of the Caliph.

Marhaban! Radical Jizzlam Spreads

The story of Radical Jizzlam was recited by adult webmaster, director and evil genius-turned-acolyte Duke Skywalker. He invites fans (short for ‘fanatics’) of oral sex and cum swallowing cuties to come by and meet the congregation at “We’ll all get together in my tent!”

“The Caliph operates under the power and cover of FA Caliphate,” said Skywalker, his head covered by a black hood and a scimitar pressed against his throat, in a video statement considered too graphic for broadcast. “The great and noble Caliph’s purpose is to convert infidel ’Anti-Semenites’ to Radical Jizzlam, through teachings, rituals, and cummunion. By drinking the Caliph’s milk, these lucky souls complete their conversion to Radical Jizzlam. All praise to the Caliph! I must now atone for inviting the G.O.A.T. to my pig roast!”

An Anti-Semenite is one who has yet to fully embrace the medicinal and mystical powers of semen. The Caliph assists by ejaculating into their mouths, having them ritualistically gargle and then gulp the Caliph’s sacred man milk. Before being led off, Skywalker refused to speculate as to whether these sperm ducking Anti-Semenites had been inspired by Satanic verses, but confirmed that their conversion has powerful, life-altering qualities.

The great and noble Caliph, who bears a strong physical resemblance to East Coast-based adult performer Sam Crux, issued an announcement and holy order that states in non uncertain terms that, under the authority of the Caliphate, he “will punish and convert all the Anti-Semenites to inaugurate a new era of a Radical Jizzlam! And soon there will arise many shouts and a clamor that will shake the heavens and sway the boughs of the trees of the earth!”

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Long live the Caliphate!

495760cookie-checkAnother Sexy Seeker is Converted to Radical Jizzlam @Radical_Jizzlam

Another Sexy Seeker is Converted to Radical Jizzlam @Radical_Jizzlam

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4 Responses

  1. Karma, I thought the same thing. Of course it is from Duke Skywalker AKA (I think) Just Dave, he always comes up with crazy shit. Since this was filmed in the “Garden State” (New Jersey), Duke/Dave will be limited as to talent unless he wants to fly California and Vegas talent into the state which will not be profitable in the beginning. This is crass, to some inappropriate and liable to piss some Musslime terrorists off but Duke/Dave has made money with the equally crass and to some inappropriate Facial Abuse so he may make a go of this site as well. However, this isn’t so inappropriate that I would refuse to make the content if it were profitable and I could do it safely, it is likely no worse than the Jim Powers/JM movies of the 2000’s. I wish Duke/Dave the best and hope he can make money with the site (and Jeff Mike shutting down JM really left a gaping hole in the industry for Duke/Dave to drive a Mack truck through and make money off of it). I hope to see Duke/Dave himself as talent this time, though — as well as Riley Reid and Lena Paul (that will come later after the site is profitable enough to cover airfare, meals and hotel for them to go to Jersey and get loaded full of Musslime jizz).

  2. Some of these radical terrorist types might have some serious heat for the folks making this stuff. Its just not worth shit like that to make a buck.

  3. Fuck those assholes. If we can’t make the porn we want to, then the terrorists win.

    And if the studio gets Charlie Hebdo’d, we’ll get #JeSuisDuke trending.

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