Top 10 Most Popular @Brazzers Scenes of All Time

Brazzers has released over 4,600 scenes over the years. But which are the most popular of the bunch? A few gems stand out. Here are the top 10.


  1. My Girlfriend’s PHAT Ass Roommate (3+ million views)
  2. Ivy’s Anal Addiction (3+ million views)
  3. Chasing That Big D (3+ million views)
  4. Stretch My Ass (2+ million views)
  5. Stay The Fuck Outta My Room (2+ million views)
  6. Bathing Your Friend’s Dirty Mama (2+ million views)
  7. Massaging Peta (2+ million views)
  8. Cumming To America (2+ million views)
  9. Brazzers House 2: Day 2 (2+ million views)
  10. Bump in the Night (2+ million views)


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Top 10 Most Popular @Brazzers Scenes of All Time

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6 Responses

  1. I would think Brazzers shot way more scenes that 4600.
    They have the best contract stars. @RachelStarrXXX is looking dammmm good.

  2. My favorite has always been the Viola Bailey scene with Danny D. He talks too much during the scene (as usual) but the sex was hot.

  3. @KarmaFan lol Danny Talks too much all the time.
    I have always liked Brazzers house productions

  4. None of those would make my top 25 list! However, it shows people like Anal, especially first time anal. Also shows that a high percentage of females that don’t do IR are Brazzer’s favorites.

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