Some CES 2003 Photos:

Some CES 2003 Photos:

Aint they cute! Thats Adell and Cori. A RARE photo of Wanker Wang.

Layla Jade wrapped in a Union Jack…That’s Genius. Is Kiki D’aire retarded?

The cosmetic Surgery Center and Teri Weigel…theres a match made in heaven. Wankus from KSEX Radio…duhh

Thats Jesse Jane, Theres a lot of hype over this little girl, will she live up to it? She is one of the most personable and genuinely likeable porn chicks I have met in years. Thats me and Sunny Leone, who my regular readers will know she appeared sans clothes on this site way before her Penthouse Layout.

The loves of my life…according to rumors I am doing the nasty with both of them and a lot of others, as much as I’d like to stake a claim on good ole A-Dell, thats uncharted territory for me, but as I understand it Flea might know more. Finally, the annual Angela Summers Photo for my buddy Beater!


6720cookie-checkSome CES 2003 Photos:

Some CES 2003 Photos:

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