Photos from Exxxotica New Jersey 2018

I have a secret to confess. I completely fucked up and forgot to post photos form this year’s Exxxotica New Jersey. I don’t know how I let this slip my mind like 17 times but it is what it is. I know it’s been months now but here are the photos from this year’s show. Please forgive my extreme tardiness.

Oh by the way special thanks to @TiamatPhotos for taking these for us!

321490cookie-checkPhotos from Exxxotica New Jersey 2018

Photos from Exxxotica New Jersey 2018

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  1. Kelli, thank you for posting even if it was a couple of months after the event. I think everyone realizes that the reason you were hired as a reporter here is as an investigative reporter, that takes precedence over articles like this one and as a result you are more than forgiven. Thank you for taking pictures and attending the event, I am pleased to see the pictures and am sure you are out a lot of money attending Exxxotica. I hope you had a good time and that the time was good enough that it was worth the $3K you likely spent attending. Since you did post the pictures and write an article I wonder if you can take a tax deduction for your expenses, though. As an accounting person I know if you were sent there by Mike South management (or for your PR company) the expenses would certainly be deductible according to the formula established in tax law. If you went on your own without any business reason, it is not likely deductible. If this article was the only thing that came of it other than a very good time, it could go either way.

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