Im Going To Break from The Show Report To Reflect On A Few Things About The Show:

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Im Going To Break from The Show Report To Reflect On A Few Things About The Show:

Some things have stood out in my mind.

The first was Bob C at Adam and Eve recognizing his guests on sight and making sure they walked straight in, that’s a class act and something more of you should consider. If your answer is I have too many guests then you likely invited too many people and I bet you dollars to doughnuts the too many you invited all had penises and came solo.

Another was the attitude some of the girls (Tera) have toward their fans. Shame on you, these guys pay your bills, you aren’t changing the world, you fuck for a living, that isn’t worthy of anyones respect. Show some class and have some respect for the people who put you where you are.

Evan Stone, The guy is always smiling, always friendly to everyone, you just know he is happy and he never comes across as stuck on himself, something Kurt Lackwood should try sometime. Evan is a nice guy I didn’t pick him for best actor but I am glad he won.

Speaking of Evan his other half, Syren, is equally nice but what I cant forget about her is her attachment all week to an orange flyswatter, it never left her hands and she delighted in swatting anything and everything (except flies) in sight. She is a sweetheart of a girl.

Nick Sabatino at Nick is a nice guy and was gracious enough to allow us to park our tired asses in his booth whenever we liked. Nick is a class act and a nice guy…thanks brudda.

George Martin and Keith at G M Video, George has been my friend for many years, I love the guy, he is straight up and he always respects and looks after my girls If I am not around, yes George, Shannon told me. You are a stand up guy man and I am proud to call you my friend, you too Keith.

Katy (Katey?) from Adam and Eve is a total class act as well, she is a hottie, a hottie with a brain!

Speaking of hotties with a brain there is another one who I simply can’t get off my mind, for better or worse she makes me look at myself differently and she inspires me to want to her to think well of me. I suspect she knows who she is, some of you might too. Damn I even get tongue tied writing about her….

An Update On My Prison Pal:

I have since recieved 3 letters from her and each one is more promising in that more and more of her intellect and her internal fire is apparent with each letter. She is out of detox and I hope that she will be inspired to stay clean. Your prayers and well wishes are appreciated. She isn’t out of the woods yet but the first few steps have been taken, hopefully she won’t fall. I vowed to be there for her and I will.

Jules Jordan Jumps Ship At Evil Angel:

AVN is reporting that he will start his own company and that he is taking Mike John with him is also rumored.

I have known Jules for many years, long before he became the hot property he is. He has never been arrogant or self important to me, in fact he has been gracious and nice, I wish the guy luck.

While I liked his product better before he started having to make it to please John Stagliano instead of Jules I recognize that John revolutionized the biz and I totally respect his business accumen but I think Jules made the right decision. Good Luck brudda.

Evil Angel Has Snagged Manuel Ferrara and Jake Malone To Fill The Gap:

Look for Red Light District to add a new director or 3 in the coming week.

AIM Announces Staph Infections Running Rampant In Porn Valley:

Damn, who’da thunk that? I mean ass to mouth, ass to pussy, didn’t anyone study biology? Why not just eat turds, it’s the same thing ya know.


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Im Going To Break from The Show Report To Reflect On A Few Things About The Show:

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