XBiz Has A Year To Work On It


An Industry Insider writes:


     I’m surprised you missed the obvious regarding the Xbiz Awards. I think Mr Helmy owes Jenna a serious debt of gratitude. Look at all  the free advertising and attention they’ve gotten because of Jenna, good or bad, what else have we really seen about the event. ZERO. It was a non event, zero space, and if Mr Helmy confirmed anything it’s that Xbiz will always be a second rate knock off  of the AVN Awards.  Say what you want about the AVN Awards, it’s still the Golden Ticket {literally} in terms of prestige, anticipation, community expectation, participation and garners world wide.attention.
     All Mr Helmy and Xbiz proved with this entire event was how low they would stoop to promote their brand name, for this they should be commended and give Jenna a bonus for a job well done, what’s next?
They have a year to work on it.

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  1. Lacey Blake

    It will depend on what her current delusional lie is at the time… As of right now the industry and her “sex tape” ruined her whole fucking life.

    As if the adult industry is responsible for her current hideous reputation. She’s pretty good at fucking up her image all by herself. I do think she would have been more entertaining than Jenna though.. they could have just put a mirror on stage and everyone could just watch her talk and look at herself the whole show.

    Who knows? Maybe she’ll be so desperate for attention by next year that she’ll hire James Deen to fuck her up the ass on stage? That should get her a good 10 minutes.

  2. mharris127

    I wonder if the Kazoo were to be right about the AVNs not taking place next year if Helmy would attempt to replace them. I don’t know the answer but if he keeps having trainwrecked dope fiends host his awards his award show will be next to drift off into the history books.

    Mdxxx, the Backdoor Teen Mom would have a better chance of being sober and cognizant of her surroundings (and better looking) than Jenna Jameson. With that being said she would be a great improvement. Hell, Octomom would be an improvement — if she is not in prison on welfare fraud charges by next year.

  3. Rick Madrid

    Put Angelina Valentine up there next year!
    She is the best Latina performer right now and she got a lot of crazy humor. She’s got my vote.

  4. rawalex

    XBiz got exactly what they wanted, which is plenty of coverage. However, they struck out it seems with places like TMZ and such, who were much more busy with Beiber and the Grammy awards. I guess they only do coverage for Vivid and AVN… 😉

    Seriously though, Xbiz will always be second banana to AVN unless they really step it up.

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