Serenity has a really nice site (but you probably will want to have a DSL connection)

and she writes this re: Alexa Raye.

“I just received Jason Secarest’s PR statement as to Alexa’s appearance on his show. Jason Curious. I will respond to a few things. The fact is from Jan. to June of 2000 I tried to help Alexa adjust to contract life, just as I had offered to Missy and Stephanie before her. This despite her and her PR friend looking to knock me whenever they could. I may be giving too much credit to Alexa, as I believe many of the things she said about me, she was instructed to say. Then our trip to Australia came in July and I sat down and talked to her when she told me of some things she wanted advice about. I did this figuring maybe she had changed. I then found out later on the Australian trip that she was bitching about the good treatment I was getting. Well, you actually have to show up on time and not disappear for hours on end during the show. Maybe then will you get the respect you think you deserve. By the way, how’s that 3 picture mainstream movie deal you told me about in Australia coming along? The bottom line is, you had it handed to you on a platter. Wicked signed you, they pushed you and you fucked up. You left to go mainstream, it didn’t work and now you expect people to believe you when you crawl back after trashing the industry. Here’s a thought. Why not make some movies, do a good job, show up and not tell falsehoods about other people. The reason I was going to come on Jason’s show was so I could respond to the BS I knew you would fling. I was right. Unfortunately, I had a store signing that I would have missed had I come out to Burbank. So there you have it. Please deny one thing I have said. Sad Alexa. Just sad.”

I like Serenty, it’s too bad more girls in porn don’t have her level of professionalism.

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