The Dirt on Stormy:

I’m not sure if this has hit the adult press yet or not…

Any of you who watch FX can attest to the fact that they are HEAVILY promoting a new series coming soon called “Dirt” It stars Courtney Cox and according to my sources and some industry insider sites none other than Stormy Daniels has landed not just a bit part but a recurring role.

This could be huge, with the Popularity of “Nip Tuck”, FX has gone all out on “Dirt” to capture pretty much the same audience. Will Stormy be Dirt’s Kimber Henry? Time will tell.


Happy Birthday Jessica Drake Whomever you Are:

Depending on which ID you are using you are either 35, 32 or 30 today. I hear there’s a party for her at the local bingo hall….

If you are out of gift ideas I’m told that a boob job repair would be appreciated…

yaya I know that’s cold…but so is sicking your lawyers on me so suck it up buttercup.



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