Trust me, you are not Shadowbanned. So what is going on?

Anymore it seems like not a day passes where a porn star claims they are shadow banned. Of course, the irony is, that I can see their tweet stating this, proves they are in fact not shadowbanned.


Shadow banning is something that has been around long before Twitter but it’s only recently become a popular phrase because some dumb ass app developer started freaking people out making them think they are shadow banned.

First, let’s define what shadow banning even is … basically, it’s where a service such as twitter blocks a user or their content in a way that the user does not even realize they’ve been banned.

By making a user’s contributions invisible to other members of the service, the hope is that in the absence of reactions to their comments, the problematic user will become bored or frustrated and leave the site.

Companies do this because sometimes it’s just easier to shadowban a user than to ban them for real and just have them keep on making new accounts.

So if your friends or followers can see your tweets, that means you aren’t shadowbanned.

When Brick Dangerous tweeted this … we all seen it. Trust me and we all laughed. So that proves he isn’t shadowbanned.

But that doesn’t mean something isn’t going on.

Sometimes those of us in the adult industry are tagged as “sensitive” – in the same way that Google turns on Safe Search for their users to help them filter out naughty things.

The only way to ensure a twitter account can see all things you say, you need to make sure that your fans and followers log into their twitter account and go to safety settings at

Now scroll down to the very bottom of that page where it says Safety and make sure they check the box where it says “Display media that may contain sensitive content”. Also, make sure they remove the check in the box that says “Hide sensitive content”.


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