Don’t let Twitter censor your timeline

Twitter has been making some major changes. No, they aren’t “shadowbanning” porn stars as some will have you believe.  What they are doing is marking each and every one of their accounts as potentially sensitive and that means you won’t be able to see their tweets or even their accounts appear in the Twitter search results.

Don’t let twitter censor you!

If you are an adult and don’t want Twitter to censor what you see or search for on Twitter you need to make sure and turn Safe Search off.

To do this go to and scroll all the way down to where it says SAFETY. Now uncheck the “Hide sensitive content” box.

Click save and you are good to go!

If you want to see what your favorite porn stars are seeing and saying, then you need to make sure and turn safe search off. It’s really the only way to ensure these tweets aren’t filtered out.

Almost all porn stars and adult-related twitter accounts have been placed under a “sensitive” tag and this means unless you turn safe search off, saying you want to see this sensitive content, you won’t.

Once you turn Twitter’s safe search feature off, you will finally be free to see all the fun naughty bits! I mean that is after all what Twitter is for, right?


Hello, my name is Kelli Roberts. I am a published author, AVN nominated producer, and webmaster who has worked in the adult industry since August of 1996.

5 Replies to “Don’t let Twitter censor your timeline”

  1. Karmafan

    Most porn girls seem to be just using their social media accts like Twitter and Instagram to funnel their fans to their OnlyFans acount anyways where they can be fleeced.

  2. Kelli

    Ohh I see what you mean. You mean the fan gets fleeced because the girl in question isn’t updating her OnlyFans account. Yeah, that would suck. But for the porn star with some motivation, she can make a killing on her OnlyFans if she keeps it updated and active. The signup ratios are incredible – better than any website has performed in a decade!

  3. Nate - Webcam Startup

    What Kelli is saying is 100% right and I’ve got the data to back it up. It’s insane to see what some of these girls are bringing in via OnlyFans vs ModelCentro. OnlyFans is killing it!

    Although I have a feeling they’re using a non-high risk payment processor and don’t doubt it if we see them give adult the boot in 2018.

    Anyone happen to know who OnlyFans payment processor is?

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