Leigh Raven Penthouse Pet

You won’t believe the latest in the Leigh Raven saga

Leigh Raven, now, by the way, claims to have Lupus – perhaps preparing for a fake GoFundMe campaign like her friend Trinity St. Clair as they do work together.

But that’s not the news I came here to share with you today.  What I have to share with you today about the latest chapter in the never-ending drama that is Leigh Raven, is just so beyond appalling I can’t even wrap my mind around it.

After accusing a man of sexual assault, then changing her story a few times, including once or twice, saying that man was having people try and kill her and even getting people to spend their money to put her up and hide her and Nikki Hearts out, and then changing her story to say it was someone else’s fault, that the man she accused was actually just doing his job that the real person to blame was someone else – today it was announced the Penthouse has made Leigh Raven the Penthouse Pet of the Month for July.

See you idiots, you were all wrong, lying does pay.

Leigh Raven Penthouse Pet

Maybe the probably isn’t with Leigh Raven, it’s with us. Maybe we were all too stupid to see what a wonderful marketing opportunity it is to lie about being assaulted.

Damn, who knew?

For those of you who haven’t seen the entire Leigh Raven sexual assault video, where have you been? Watch it here.

Instead of being in jail for falsifying police reports, she’s being rewarded with the title of Penthouse Pet.



5 Replies to “You won’t believe the latest in the Leigh Raven saga”

  1. Karmafan

    Penthouse just wants to still seem to be relevant. Probably Stormy Daniels wanted too much money so they gave it to Leigh. They are the only current porn girls making news right now.

  2. Justice

    How the fuck do u reward some dumb bitch who just got caught lying about being sexually assaulted on set by making them a penthouse pet? This so wrong on so many levels.

  3. mharris127

    Sounds like Kelly Holland had her head firmly shoved up Leigh’s ass with that one (maybe it is the same drugs that caused Kelly to sexually harass her male employees). Unfortunately she is still running Penthouse even though she has lost ownership of it in bankruptcy court. Let’s have fun making her look like even more of an ass (if that is possible) in this comments section.

  4. Nilla

    It’s not easy to ask for help when you’ve been hurt and violated. The fact that these girls chose to attack the men on this set with no justification takes our credibility away when we really are the victim.

    I’ve done 200+ Scenes, worked with almost every company there was between 2004-2007 and saw my share of Directors who took advantage of girls naivety. Everyone knows who likes to play “casting couch”, but no one wants to be the one to call them out publicly.

    Dave might not have fucked this shoot up, but what about the hundred of other scenes? I know 5 girls that have been made to perform off camera and felt they couldn’t say no and describe it getting more frequent and humiliating.

    Why keep quiet when THIS IS AN ISSUE just because this c class performer wanted some free publicity?

    Why enable these predators to essentially blackmail girls into fucking them out of fear they will not be booked?

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