War Machine Trial For Trying To Kill Christy Mack Postponed


From The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Trial has been postponed until February for the former mixed martial arts fighter named War Machine on charges that he tried to kill his porn actress ex-girlfriend and her friend in Las Vegas.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver had been scheduled for trial next week on 34 felony charges also including battery, sexual assault and coercion in the August 2014 incident.

The 34-year-old Koppenhaver is already in a Nevada prison, serving 1 1/2 to four years on a probation revocation in a prior felony attempted battery case.

Koppenhaver could face life in prison if he’s convicted of attacking ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her friend, Corey Thomas.

The Associated Press usually doesn’t identify alleged victims of sexual assault, but Mack has allowed her name be made public. Her legal name is Christine Mackinday.

2 Replies to “War Machine Trial For Trying To Kill Christy Mack Postponed”

  1. Karmafan

    His lawyer must be going for a mental health defense of some kind and needs more time to scrape up some quacks that will say its not his fault he tossed Christy a vicious beating.

  2. LurkingReader

    lol Karma

    IIRC his brother started a legal defense fund that went nowhere and changed it to mental health when backlash either shut it down or threatened to….soooo I’m curious about a couple things

    * is Brandon Sua is still his attorney (Judge had concerns about a long postponement last year with questions about whether Sua would be around.)
    * who is paying for his defense (including the forensics testing Sua used to win last years postponement and/or any hypothetical mental health quacks)?

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