Why would Shay Evans mislead by racial passing? She is a beautiful Black girl not a Latina why ?

What Else is she hiding ? Does this hurt the production companies in the long run ?

When Holly Hendrix won Best New Starlet there was a lot of talk about her ethnicity. Her agent had been marketing her as a Latina when in reality it turned out she was black. Her family came from a part of the Caribbean, who most residents are of African descent. How would a escort client views a person who has resorted to racial passing react after the fact ? You all decide

But Holly Hendrix aside, because she never tried to really lie about who she was. She also has said many times she doesn’t care what you call her, just as long as you call her. She doesn’t seem to care about ethnicity and that’s a great attitude to take.

But there other black performers out there who are pretending to be Latina who goes out of their way to flat out lie …… but why?

Shy Evans is a great example of a black performer who lies and says she is Peurto Rican.

Take a look at her photo, and see if you can tell the truth.

Is Shay Evans Latina or is she actually black?

It’s hard sometimes to tell the ethnicity of a person by simply looking at them. So this allows Shay Evans to market herself as a Latina, specifically calling herself a Puerto Rican princess, despite the fact that she’s actually black.  You can see that on your Twitter profile.

In an interview she did with the adultdvdtalk website, the interviewer asked, “What’s your ethnicity?” and her reply was a blatant lie. “I’m Puerto Rican. My mom was born in Puerto Rico and, other than that, I don’t really know.

This isn’t true. Shay Evan’s mother, uncle, and grandparents on her mother’s side were all born in California and not Puerto Rico like she claimed in her interview with adultdvdtalk.

Shay Evans is a cute girl, so why lie about her ethnicity? Why not admit that her father is black and that makes her at the very least part black.

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A childhood friend of hers said that her mother and uncle Jelani are partially black as well. So not only did she lie about where they were from, but she also tried to cover up that they were actually mixed race.

Her great-grandfather on her mother’s side was also born in California; Sacramento to be exact. That’s a far cry from Puerto Rico, where she claims that side of her family comes from.

This childhood friend of Shay Evans even showed me a photo of her uncle and he does appear to be at least partially black. Because he’s not in the adult industry I’m not going to post his photo here. So while I can’t say from just looking at pics of her family, there is the possibility that her mother’s side of the family is at least possibly black, maybe a mixed race of black, Latina and white.

What about her father Jamal? The one she claimed in the interview she didn’t know about?

She grew up with him and that means she obviously knows he’s black. He too was born in California by the way, not Peurto Rico, he’s 100% black.

Shay Evans claims she didn’t know about her father in the interview but that isn’t true. Her mother and her father are still married.

They’ve lived in the same house since 2006, one where Shay Evans herself once lived. So she can’t very well claim she didn’t know who her father was because her parents are still married to this day.

Photos of him are clear he’s black – a dark-skinned black man. 100% black – not of mixed race.

So why lie about who he is and who she is?

She’s a pretty girl. She shouldn’t be embarrassed about the fact that she’s black of mixed race.

I don’t get why she would lie?  Why not be proud of your heritage? Why go as far as to lie about it? That just seems strange to me.

If you have to lie about who you are, what else are you lying about?

We reached out to Shay Evan’s publicist to get a quote, but we never heard back from him, nor could we get a response from Shay Evans herself about why she would lie about her ethnicity.

What I want to know is, why does Shay Evans not want you to know that she’s black?





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  1. boomcoin

    It’s calling racial passing and has been going on for a long ass time. There was a whole class of hookers in during the late 19th and early 20th century. In Ohio the courts ruled that having 50% black ancestry, a single black parent or two mixed parents, made a person black – while in Louisiana, the “one drop” rule prevailed, and any traceable amount of Negro ancestry made you black.

  2. Jam

    If she is supposedly hiding her black side, then why does she work for black girl sites like Teeny Black?

    Also why are you publishing her personal information like her family members’ hometown, ethnicities and her father’s name? All because someone claimed to be her childhood friend?

    I thought this site was a place that stood up for the rights and privacy of porn workers.

  3. StuBDoo

    Because there is no such thing as an Afro Latino, right? You might want to look at the slave trade and learn where most black slaves ended up. Dude, Just say you dont understand the difference between race and ethnicity.

  4. spawn777

    It sucks that she lied, but in a certain sense, can’t she just be beautiful? Maybe she just doesn’t identify with the black side, or she feels the industry limits black women too much, or her fan base has too many Trump supporters or something. We always treat stars’ ethnic background information as info we are entitled to. It kinda sucks if she isn’t candid, but she wouldn’t be the first person with a stage persona of a different ethnicity than their real life background.

  5. Karmafan

    In the history of porn there has never been a woman of color that became a huge megastar like Jenna Jameson.

    Its not so much that the industry limits black women but that really good looking women of color just don’t enter porn. Most black porn girls are below average looking to average. When a really good looking black girl does enter porn (like Jezebel Vessier, Tyra Moore) they don’t stick around long and build up a following of fans.

  6. mharris127

    I think I know why she lied about being Puerto Rican when she is actually black. In “less enlightened” states like most of Michigan, parts of Indiana and the deep south it is very difficult for blacks in the sex industry to get fans/customers. The same is less true for Puerto Ricans and Spanish. As a black, her fan base is pretty much limited to parts the southern third of Michigan, the eastern seaboard, maybe some fans in Montana or Wyoming and areas west of the Rocky Mountains. As a PR she would make much more money overall than as a black. Black female performers also get the shit roles in movies (at least monetarily), they are pretty much limited to gonzo porn, mainly niche interracial movies. Even more enlightened directors such as Jacky St. James can’t cast more blacks in her features because her production company employers likely think (and unfortunately rightfully so) that black and interracial features won’t sell in large parts of the country.

  7. LedMess

    You should really rethink this post, even if it’s not intentioned, it’s a immensely ignorant and borderline racist post.

    Puerto Rican’s can be black, in fact the majority of the population is at least partially of African decent. African decent is racial, Puerto Rican and claiming Puerto Rican heritage is a cultural matter. There are hundreds of thousands of PR’s in NYC that will never step a foot in PR yet will still say “I’m Puerto Rican”.

  8. Fisher

    Sure there is such a thing as Afro Latina but that isn’t what she says. She flat out lied and claimed she didn’t know that her dad was full on black. She also claimed her mom’s side was from peurto rico that doesn’t seem to be true either.

  9. lukas411

    @LedMess you are part of the problem. She said her mom was born in peurto rico. That’s a lie.

    Calling someone out on their bullshit doesn’t make them a racist. Are you saying it’s only ok to call people out on their bullshit if they are white?

    She claims to be latina but it seems like that isn’t the case. Sounds like if I’m reading this right she’s partly black and white, only pretending to be latina.

    Sorry man but this bitch lied and just because she’s a negro pretending to be latina doesn’t make it racist to call hero ut on it. A liar is a liar no matter what color the bitch is.

  10. Cosmo K.

    That sucks Shay would lie. I think you’re dead on with the Holly Hendrix thing too. Just be who you are. Because someone will always find out if you’re not.

  11. mharris127

    LedMess, I didn’t intend that post to be racist. I will admit that I am white/Cree and was raised white. All US born and raised white people are racist to some degree, some just more than others. I hope I am less racist now than I was in the past. I was raised in an era where blacks were “colored”, “negro” or the six letter “N” word that everyone bitches about being used. When I was young I thought nothing about calling a black that six letter “N” word, it was simply the way I was raised back in the stone age. Fortunately I saw the light in the 1980’s and seldom use those words now. However, my post is a blunt way of telling the truth. I don’t like the truth about this but living in now and having been living in Hickland for most of my life I am very familiar with how these people think.

  12. Karmafan

    There isn’t a white person alive thats older then 50 that hasn’t used the N word or thought it when they saw someone of color at some point in their life. Most of us grew out of that stupidity but for some they can’t or won’t change.

  13. Emma Bradford

    I don’t normally comment on posts. I think as an author I don’t want it to seem like I’m biased or anything so please know that my comments are those of my own and not representative of anything official.

    Now that I have children of my own, I don’t use the N word but like others have said, I did grow up hearing it from my parents and especially my grandparents.

    What bothers me about this whole thing is, how quickly someone lying about their race turned into the person calling them out on it, got called a racist. I think if anyone here would be considered in the wrong, it would have to be Shay Evans, for purposely perpetuating fraud for 3 years now.

    Funny how quick people are to overlook that when it comes to a girl with a pretty face and big boobs. I think lying in any capacity is wrong and what she did was tell a lie, a big one and it amounts to identity fraud.

  14. LedMess

    @Emma Bradford

    Looking at a photo of someone’s parents and saying that can’t be a latina or a Puerto Rican because one is black is most definitely racist. I don’t believe that was the intention of it but one doesn’t have to intend it to do it.

  15. LedMess


    I don’t doubt your sincerity or morals at all but this is definitely a situation that needs kid gloves. Potentially denying someone their ethnicity for minor potential reasons is not a good path to take.

    She is at a minimum a Latina, she is at a minimum the child of someone born in Puerto Rico.

    It’s fine if someone is cynical about her claims, or that she’s exaggerating her ethnicity.

  16. Reader Email

    @LedMess, it was already proven that her parents, nor her grandparents were born in Peurto Rico, not because someone told us but because we looked it up and verified it ourselves. That’s what makes her statement a lie. Because you know, it’s not true. Don’t get how this is complicated for you to understand.

  17. LurkingReader


    let’s talk about ignorant…
    *lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing
    *discourteous or rude

    Those are real definitions… feel free to google ‘define ignorant’

    “You should really rethink this post, even if it’s not intentioned, it’s a immensely ignorant and borderline racist post.”

    Curious to know if you think Nkechi Amare Diallo FKA Rachel Dolezal is black? She fooled the NAACP until her biological parents stepped up. Chosen identities are all well and fine until you tell me how to think.

    People assume I’m Italian all the time. It happened last week at the Irish Festival “You look Italian.” my response “I’m Irish by proxy” Pointing to my husband and kids ended any question as it is culturally accepted that a woman birthing children of Irish decent are Irish by proxy. No need to explain further or produce verified DNA ancestry and supporting documentation.

    @Reader Email
    I don’t like this post because it comes across as entitlement to a performer’s personal life.

    “What Else is she hiding ? Does this hurt the production companies in the long run ?”
    “What I want to know is, why does Shay Evans not want you to know that she’s black?”

    Consumers aren’t entitled to anything beyond the performance consented to in exchange for the paycheck.

    Co-workers (performers, agents and producers) have a right to expect performers are fit to perform and won’t pose a risk to their ongoing ability to perform …people lie hence the need to verify current tests.

    I can think of hundreds of reasons why a performer regardless of venue (mainstream, porn, reality etc) would choose to be marketed as something other than their biological racial/ethic background and find out none of them apply to Shay Evans.

    “In an interview she did with the adultdvdtalk website, the interviewer asked, “What’s your ethnicity?” and her reply was a blatant lie. “I’m Puerto Rican. My mom was born in Puerto Rico and, other than that, I don’t really know.””

    IMO her response is geared to maintain the marketed persona which has zero to do with her personal life.

  18. Tyranny Jackson

    So what you are saying is rachel dolezal was lying to maintain her marketed persona? luv it lol

  19. LurkingReader


    yes that is exactly what I’m saying! and doubling down to say neither Rachel Dolezal, Shay Evans or anyone else I’m meeting or interacting with in a commercial, work or casual setting owes me jack shit on a personal level.

  20. Tyranny Jackson

    I must respectfully disagree with you Lurkingreader. I think every human being owes every other human enough respect to not lie to their face.

    Just like it’s wrong for a company to lie to you about the claims that their product can do this or that, a public person shouldn’t base their brand on fraud.

    Unlike private citizens, public persons are in the spotlight for a reason and far more is expected of them, the least of which is honesty and integrity.

    Some with companies trying to sell you some snake oil. Pretty it up all you want, but a lie is a lie whether it’s coming from the mouth of Big Pharma, a movie star or a Porn Star.

  21. LurkingReader


    It is precisely because she is in the spotlight that I’m so emphatic about drawing a hard line between private and public life.

    Where do you draw the ‘truth, honesty and integrity’ line for a performer selling illusions?
    *Stage/performer/brand names vs birth name?
    *private phone access or business number only?
    *Are fake orgasms a lie or part of the performance?
    *Are breast implants a lie?
    *Wigs, hair extensions?
    *using a VPN or turning location services off?

    It’s okay & openly accepted for a male performer to use PED to fulfill the illusion while PED can kill a professional athlete’s career.

    Truth is all about context and relevance.
    Big difference between branding illusionary performance to misrepresentation of ancestry for an egg donor.

    Caveat emptor is Latin for ‘Let the buyer beware’ the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

  22. genericcommenter

    You know you can be Latina and black, right? This is like saying a black person can’t be American.

  23. lukas411

    @genericcommenter is she even latina though? I mean she claims her mom was born in Puerto Rico but that turned out to be a lie.

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