Bonnie Rotten

What’s Bonnie Rotten up to lately? ** READER EMAIL

Hey Mike. What’s Bonnie Rotten up to lately? Haven’t seen her in any new movies. Is it true that bonnie rotten escorts? Know anything about her?

The 2014 AVN Female Performer of the Year announced last year that she was having a child. Since then she has done some feature dancing, but to date has not made a return to performing on camera.

In addition to her feature dancing she also continues to promote her sex toy line “Bonnie Rotten Black Label”.

In her private life she has been getting heavy into fitness and recently tweeted that she reached a personal goal of being able to squat press 280 pounds.

Bonnie Rotten 2017She is also opening up a tattoo shop in Brooklyn, New York on March 25 called Best Kept Secret Tattoos.

Best Kept Secret Tattoos - Bonnie Rotten

As far as the question, “Does Bonnie Rotten Escort?” the only answer I could give is I don’t think she does. I haven’t seen her on any of the popular porn star escort agency websites so it’s not likely she’s doing that.

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