The question isn’t whether she’ll be the next Kim Kardashian but rather, will she be the next Sasha Grey

BT Writes:

Here’s the thing that bothers me most about the Montana Fishburne.

Is it sad that Ms. Fishburne thinks that porn is going to turn her into the next Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton? Indeed. Those gals are phenomenons of nature. There is no explaining them or there rise to popularity. They just happened. Is attributable to porn? Maybe a little bit. But I’m willing to guess that only a handful of the folks who tune into the Kardashian reality show do so because of her porn tape. She has a famous bloodline, she was a friend of Paris Hilton’s, and she was likely to show up on TMZ as part of the LA glitterati.

Montana Fishburne may have a famous father, but she’s a nobody. Sorry. The question isn’t whether she’ll be the next Kim Kardashian but rather, will she be the next Sasha Grey. And, I think that she too is a phenomenon with no explanation – and probably a shelf life.

To me the saddest line of all was one from Montana in some interview when she was asked if she’d talked to her father. First, she says that they both have busy schedules. Hey, I have a busy schedule and I hear from my kid in college every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Then she says that being in porn has been a goal of hers since high school, and she would hope that her father would be proud of her for achieving one of her goals. By that logic, Jeffrey Dahmers’ parents are probably proud that he became a serial killer and cannibal, especially if it was one of his goals.

But, here’s what really bothers me. Go onto the boards and read the comments from porners, people who make their living in the industry, and they say things like this is a terrible thing for her to do to her father? Why? Because her father is famous? These folks make their living off of filming 18- and 19-year-olds who have sex on camera because they think it’s their launching pad to stardom. And like Montana, those gals also have mothers and fathers who love them. So, it’s okay to break your father’s heart if he’s a working stiff, but not okay if he’s a respected actor? It’s perfectly wonderful for middle class gals to get into porn, but it’s terrible when the 19-year-old wild child of a famous individual does it?

I don’t get it. If it’s okay for Mellisa From Nowhere to suck cock on camera, hey, it should be okay for Montana Fishburne. Or Steve Hirsch’s daughter.

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  1. goodwill

    Uh, porn is all about presenting normal circumstances as being actually abnormal. Of virtuous women being actually sinful. It’s entire overriding message is that “normal” and “virtue” are pretenses. Porn purports to be pointing out the 10,000 pound gorilla in the room.

    Is it any wonder then that when actual girls from normal (ie: objectively positive) backgrounds inexplicably reject them and begin a long, drawn out process of losing (or, rather, foregoing) their virtue, the popularity of it just so happens to coincide with a massive uptick in the consumption of porn?

    No, it’s not. The popularity of Kardashian and Hilton is an even more intense confirmation (result?) of the message porn has been saying for decades.

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