Was the Stormy Daniels Affair with Trump a three-way? *** READER EMAIL

We got this email yesterday about the initial meeting with Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. We can’t say for sure or not if it’s true but it’s damn interesting, to say the least.

During the initial meeting with Trump, Stormy Daniels wasn’t alone with him in his room. There was another chick there, she was from Wicked. It wasn’t Jessica Drake though. Jessica and Stormy were never friendly like that. 

There was another girls there though and Stormy told this chick I know that this other girl was with her that night in Trump’s hotel. The question is, why isn’t her name being brought up in regards to the Trump affair?

What do you guys think? Was there really a 3rd girl there? If so, who do you think it was? I heard a rumor that it was Julia Ann but I don’t know how true that is either because the source wasn’t all that reliable.

Let’s hear what you think.


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