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Thank’s Dennis, always good to hear from you man, and you are spot on.


Hi Mike:

Just recently I read with interest—and sadness—your post of May 17th,
2016 headlined Porn Is Just A Front For Prostitution These Days Here Is A List Of The Girls In Porn Who Escort And what followed were the names and photos of more than 200 girls, virtually all the top names in porn today and then some. This is of course porn’s worst-kept, but seldom-talked about (in the media), dirty little secret—that illegal and dangerous prostitution by probably over 95% of adult film performers continues to threaten the health, safety and security not only of those in the XXX video business, but the public-at-large.

Every porn producer, director, lobbyist, lawyer, agent and journalist knows almost all porn actresses are doing double-duty working illegally as prostitutes—yet the practice continues, flourishes and not a damn thing is done about it, despite the threat such activity poses to the very people within the industry that turn a blind eye to it. And they do so, while in fact, an easy “solution” exists, and has existed from the time the first X-rated film was ever shot.

As the owner of seven legal licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada—the Bunny Ranch etc. I have welcomed hundreds of big-name and
small-name porn stars that have worked at my bordellos—you can see some of them here

Right now Sunny Lane, Cumisha Amado and Felony are here, and over the years weâ’ve had porners such as Sunset Thomas, Chasey Lain, Rayveness, Alexandra Silk, Teri Weigel and numerous Playboy playmates and Penthouse pets. But these represent just a fraction of the thousands and thousands of porn girls who have opted not to work at a legal brothel, and instead engaged in, and continue to engage in, illegal prostitution.

For more than a decade the Bunny Ranch has reached out to all the adult talent agencies in Los Angeles and elsewhere, offering employment to any and all of the porn girls they represent. We offer convenient and flexible scheduling—a typical “tour” here is two weeks—that allows for
porn gals to work for us during seasonal slowdowns, between shoots, during HIV-related industry moratoriums, and when an actress is considered “shot out.” Since the average porn star does not work for many days and often weeks at a time between porn shoots, we offer a way for them to keep earning $$$—and doing so legally, safely and securely.
We are not competing with the LA porn scene, but rather we are and obvious complement to it—for example our”high season” is the summer months, while the summer is a time of significantly decreased porn shooting. So do you how many out-of-work porn stars have been referred to us by adult talent agencies over the years? Of the thousands they represent and in response to our many solicitations—about 3. That’s right. So what do those women do instead? They do so-called”privates”, working illegally, independently and through websites, having sex with strangers with no required health or safety regulations or standards in place. Not to pick just on the porn agents—the porn journalists don’t write about and expose this horrific situation, the lobbing/support groups purporting to represent the interests of the adult movie industry don’t address the issue, and the porn producers simply ignore it. It’s the elephant in the room that everyone pretends isn’t there.

We have reached out to the LA porn industry again and again, beseeching them to encourage their adult starlets to abandon illegal hooking and come work for us. And I will do it again now. I guarantee any porn actress a job at one of my brothels, where she will be legal—guarded by the police, not arrested by them, safe—we are all-condoms all -the-time with no “director” trying to pressure you into not using them, and healthy—everyone is tested weekly and as a result there hasn’t been an STD transmission in a Nevada brothel since the entire industry self-mandated condoms in 1984.
Is “Porn Just A Front For Prostitution These Days” as the headline stated? Well, it’s hard to argue it isn’t. But the real point is is not that almost all porn stars are hooking on the side, it’s that they are doing it in an illegal and hazardous manner, while a legal and safe option is only a one-hour flight from LAX away.

Being in the forefront of providing legal, licensed, and safe adult entertainment to men, women and couples that desire it, we will always stand ready to assist anyone who wants to give up dangerous and potentially deadly illegal prostitution and hook the right way—the Bunny Ranch way.

Dennis Hof
[email protected]

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  1. Karmafan

    Problem is the porn girls that go to work there are all worn out trainwrecks like Chasey Lain and Terry Weigel. He can brag about porn star escorts when he gets girls at the top of their game like Dani Daniels, Stella Cox or August Ames (not saying they escort just that they are very popular porn stars).

  2. Billy

    I guess his hookers almost killing Lamar Odom must have really dried things up at the Bunny Dump.

  3. Sam38g

    No one is ever shot out, that is simply a bargain tool companies use to get performers to lower their rates. A performer who has been in many scenes is popular, a fan base, has made lots of companies money.
    We would never say that of any movie actor or actress. No, they are guaranteed box office sales…

    There are many legal ways to make money in this industry, only this one benefits the author here.

    I looked around the escort sites & there is a good 30% drop if not more in porn star ads. What I do see is more & more of them camming on sites like, &… Go to the porn star page on Streamate & see how many do cam, the list is impressive. Majority of them cam alone & aren’t take any health risk at all.
    I know that camming is dissed in LA world of porn, which only makes sense. If performers can log onto a cam site from the comfort of their home, make as much money as they want & don’t need porn shoots to pay their bills then lots of agents & porn companies lose control over them & the industry.
    Many of the major porn companies over the past 15 years have tried to open cam sites & ended up failing at it & becoming a white label. On every set I’ve been on in LA they all preach how there is no money in camming or having a solo site, that earning an income from sites like Clips4sale isn’t possible. They have failed to do it.

    How many well known pornstars have signed up to ModelCentro, they are taking over the industry. Hell, you now can film, edit, upload & run your whole site from an iphone with Model Centro.
    Now, let’s take into account the smartest, hardest working Lady in this industry. Who didn’t like the status quo & built a growing empire to change it… Vicky Vette….. How many sites is in the VNA system now? How many major names does she runs solo sites for? Then there is the platform to help any performer have lots of live cam shows from everyone in it as a bonus to their sites.

    I do know several girls who work for Dennis & they do hold him in high esteem. Do think if you are going to escort to do it legally like he does provide. Because I think performers doing it illegally is one of the ways agents take advantage & do underhanded crap we all have read here on Mike’s blogs, heard from girls personally.

    I do think LA mindset, the porn companies & agencies days are numbered. Social media has given performers direct access to fans & building of their own brands & revenue sources, the power has shifted.

  4. mharris127

    Felony might be interesting for Dennis Hof to market. She mainly does BDSM (although still well less than half of her scenes there are a fair number of apparently non-BDSM scenes on her IAFD list, a lot more than I would have expected), maybe Dennis can set up a dungeon in part of the Bunny Ranch and they both can make a lot of money capitalizing on that market.

    I also have to agree that if a performer is going to hook she should try the legal way before risking arrest, prosecution and jail to escort. I bet half of today’s female porn performer escorts couldn’t survive two nights in jail before killing themselves to make the torture stop.

  5. Karmafan

    I remember when a couple well known porn stars got busted for escorting and had to spend a weekend in jail. They were far from home and had little to no $$$ on them so no one to bail them out. Was quite the story 2-3 years ago.

  6. CrunkleSchwitz

    I remembered when cutie pie Lucky Starr got popped and she went on and bragged about it. How much is a Bunny Dumper charging those stupid clients these days anyways?

  7. JohnKelsey

    I have to bring this up Dennis Hof will steal your models. That is why people don’t want to work with him. He brainwashes the girls to stay at the bunny dump. I have met some girls who said they didn’t sleep with Dennis and felt trapped cause there was rent and he wouldn’t get them the bookings to pay it, unless they slept with him. Some girls have had good experiences too but I don’t know if they slept with Dennis or not. Why would an agent sent a model to Dennis it would be illegal according to the Calico house owner to do such and receive a refferal. Also california talent agency act states you can’t legally work with prostitutes…. Then again it may good to mention it is illegal to advertise a Nevada Brothel, but this press release Mike did just that.

    § 1700.35. Prohibition against permitting persons of bad character at place of business
    No talent agency shall knowingly permit any persons of bad character, prostitutes, gamblers,
    intoxicated persons, or procurers to frequent, or be employed in, the place of business of the talent

  8. mharris127

    I bet Felony has a good response to this. It would be “Yes, I will fuck you. However, I will also hogtie you, whip your ass, cane you, shove a Mount Everest-size dildo up your ass, suspend you from the ceiling, put skewers through your balls and shove a metal rod into your dick”. I would pay to see this conversation take place and laugh at Felony putting a lecher in his place (that is if the comment above mine about Dennis Hof being a lecher is actually true).

  9. mharris127

    You are welcome. I just couldn’t resist after reading the accusation about Dennis Hof being a lecher (which I cannot confirm the truthfulness of) and knowing Felony is mainly into heavy BDSM (both as a dom and a sub). I think Felony has the necessary personality traits to tell someone in authority trying to make her fuck him to make that response, too.

  10. mharris127

    I just saw a picture of Lucky Starr (fully clothed) last night. She does look cute at least while clothed. Assuming she doesn’t have a bunch of nasty tats (I can’t recall seeing her naked or performing to know) I bet the guards really enjoyed having her handcuffed (from behind) in their jail. Instead of the five bubba club most inmates get reamed by she probably received the ten guard club gangbang treatment, of course the Sheriff had his “fun” with her first. 🙂

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