Trinity St. Clair crimes

Another day, another raid. Is anyone really surprised? *** READER EMAIL

Mike why didn’t you write about the last raid at Trinity’s house?

While we were aware of the recent on set visit by the authorities at Trinity St. Clair’s house, we opted not to report it simply because, there was no reason. If we reported every bit of illegal activity Trinity St. Clair was involved in or every single time her house was used as an illegal shoot location and got caught, this blog would be nothing but reports on Trinity St. Clair. Nobody wants that. lol

If producers haven’t learned by now not to use Trinity’s house as a location they deserve the shit that hits them when the cops show up.

Anyone who is stupid enough to use that house now would have to be a raving retard.



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  1. Karmafan

    Especially now that the tax collectors are running around with their hands out looking to squeeze every dime they can out of porners.

  2. Justice

    This is nothing. She was in Houston last week hooking and got caught up in the storm and is now asking to help make up for her losses because she got her panties wet in a 5 star hotel while just a few miles away people are losing everything they own and even dying. What a stupid cunt.

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