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These are my sentiments as well, I know that a lot of talent reads this site, damn near all of you,  there re a lot of people saying that talent doesn’t care enough about themselves, much less each other, to come together  I hope talent proves them wrong.  Ever read “The Grapes of Wrath”?  Nuff said.

As I read this, I could not hold back my tears.

Come on people really?!?

We use to be one big family. We would support and watch out for each other, lend a hand to help each other r not hesitate to kick someone to the curb if someone tried to jump in who didn’t belong.

Our family has definitely grown, but that doesn’t mean we should bend our families values.

Since when in this industry, did we all the sudden loose our balls? The strength to say “Hey! This performer does not belong here!!” Safe guarding ourselves as well as our friends.

This is the very exact reason why myself and so many others are working so hard today, it’s past the time that we grew our strength back. It’s time we kick the people who don’t belong here out of this business. And keep the ones that do belong here, working.

Join with me now, let’s build our future in the business together, back as a family.

Where your health DOES matter, where your opinions and your voice DOES matter.

And where if your told by a director to go home if you want to use a condom, it is the director who should be afraid of loosing work not the performer!

Blast the talent who has herpes name to heaven and back so that the performer does not have a place here. And without hesitation, because that is the right thing to do!!

And if you are to concern to do these things then join with us so that we can do it for you!!!


For the first time in history it’s time the performers are heard.

Together we are stronger.

And if that scares you. Good. Start looking for other way to make a living.


Join now!

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  1. LurkingReader

    To me the bigger issue is the performer requesting a condom was pressured by the director via her agent after she said no and walked away. Consent and limits are a big deal and this is just one more example of the industry turning blind eye by redirecting the focus. Of course that redirected focus keeps the blame on performers instead of stakeholders who need to grab the reins and set an example by insisting that no performer be pressured to cross their stated boundaries. If this Union isn’t focused on empowering performers to identify and clearly assert their limits then it is doomed to fail the very people it sets out to represent.

    I can’t agree with outing this or any performer. The way our labor, slander/libel laws are written it opens a huge can of worms. With 5193.1 happening I expect HIV discrimination laws are going to be a hot topic…as they should be. Heck for all I know it won’t be long before lawyers might be arguing that any STD qualifies as a protected work related disability for sex-workers.

    Fight to kick out the ones who don’t respect the right of people to not go where they choose not to go. This wasn’t a negotiation to overcome hesitancy it was outright blatant disregard for NO AFTER the performer walked away.

  2. Karmafan

    As I said in the other thread… Why the fuck is a known Herpes positive male talent even working in porn? Or if he is he only works with other herpes positive females. Are producers using smoke and mirrors tactics to hide the fact the vast majority of the talent pool has herpes?

  3. LurkingReader

    LOL you must belong to the ‘the five second rule’ for food on the floor is only good at home not for restaurants group 🙂

    Seriously didn’t you ever wonder how or why Mr. Marcus thought it was okay to dab a bit of Carmex on his stage two syphillis dick? Musta thought it was a cold sore aka herpes lesion. Just wait till the pro abortion groups pushing Zika virus threats figure out that if it makes babies it prolly affects porn too.

  4. joeschmoe

    well, if you ban performers who have herpes you essentially shut down the entire industry, blackball everyone ,and then screen everyone upon entry and add it do the 14 day testing protocols.

    Not practical. Huge portions of “general society” have a form of herpes too and many don’t even know it. You basically can not have a porn industry if you ban herpes. The truth hurts.

    Herpes is one of those things that you have to accept if you want to do porn. Honestly, when you compare it to common things in porn like smoking cigarettes, it really isn’t an urgent matter. For all the potentials of herpes, cigs guarantee a shortened lifespan… Plus, you can spread herpes even when wearing condoms.. as it can be in the areas around the genitals too. It’s like being a construction worker; you kind of know that after 10 years on the job you will likely have a shitty back and neck… people accept the hazards . Like it or not, herpes has to be accepted if you want to be a porn performer. Otherwise, wrong career.

    And don’t lecture someone on “you might get cancer from herpes” while they have a pack of smokes in their purse. They clearly don’t care or think about getting cancer.

    In saying that, if a performer says NO and is hammered for it, this is a disgrace and hopefully will change. ALthough, performers have been guilted into doing things they dont like since porn was invented. It is part of the culture.

  5. crazyman2012

    Mike. Per an article I read a long time ago Rocco Siffredi has herpes. This is a old article so think of the hundreds of top porn stars he’s fucked SINCE then. This isn’t a secret. He’s talking about it. I imagine herpes is as common in porn as the clap, probably way more so.
    People talking about the good old day should keep this in mind.


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