Ryan Conner and Nat Turnher

Nat Turnher calls out Dogfart co-star Moe The Monster Johnson

These stunning tweets and videos about Moe the Monster Johnson posted by adult performer Nat Turnher speak for themselves.

Johnson filed suit last week claiming he was “duped”, “ambushed”, insulted, emotionally distressed and racially harassed on a Dogfart set in 2017 when his caucasian female co-star was instructed to use the N-word over Johnson’s alleged objections.

Nat Turnher was his male co-star in the race-play sex scene with 2018 AVN Hall of Famer Ryan Conner, and he had a few choice words for the litigious Moe on Twitter:

Nat Turnher calls out Dogfart co-star Moe The Monster Johnson

Nat Turnher calls out Dogfart co-star Moe The Monster Johnson
Turnher on set with co-star Ryan Conner, following the June 2017 Dogfart shoot


7 Replies to “Nat Turnher calls out Dogfart co-star Moe The Monster Johnson”

  1. mharris127

    I have one question. Nat refers to “Jim” in his text exchange. Would that be Jim Powers by any chance? I thought Moe pretty much only did porn for DogFart but I could see Jim (Powers) hiring him as well.

  2. Cosmo K.

    This makes Moe look like an even bigger jerk than he already is. I believe what Nate is saying to be the truth. Moe is pretty useless on set from the stories hear around the campfire. another case of biting the hand that feeds you.

  3. DR.FUNK

    I have no dog in this fight.But whatever his motivation…”Moe” has a point. I know that sex is often about fetish…but I’m more than fine with the idea that IR sex doesn’t have to play to dated stereotypes..Or be demeaning to either party. It’s not as if Moe is gonna work again.So he might as well deliver this parting shot…and maybe get companies like Dogfart to aim just a smidge higher than the cheap cliches about IR sex. As for Nat’s “response”: Naw… homie. Nobody’s impressed .

  4. mharris127

    Thank you for the link, Voice. Please note the article has legal names in it. I won’t reprint them here but Ryan’s legal last name is more porny than her nom de porn.

    As for Moe, I think he has been hired over the years because he looks like a stereotypical black pimp and can play the role well. He coasted on that “talent” for two decades and (evidently) finally fucked up so badly that he can’t get hired at pretty much the only production company that had use for that “talent”. Moe bit the hand that fed him for years and it probably will bite him back in the ass. I wonder if he will actually start pimping now that he is desperate for cash. I think he could sweet talk some Compton or East Los Angeles crack whores into hooking on street corners in Vernon for crack rocks and a little bit of cash.

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