Movement eats its own: NZ sex workers lodge complaints over foreign worker online ads

Movement eats its own: New Zealand sex workers lodge complaints over foreign worker online ads

Nationalism and arguments about ‘public health’ from New Zealand sex workers demonstrate that maybe that red umbrella isn’t quite as big as advertised…

New Zealand sex workers are furious that foreign prostitutes who come on temporary visas can advertise their services here despite it being illegal for them to work.

High profile escort Lisa Lewis is one of several who have taken their complaints to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and the Minister of Immigration Iain Lees-Galloway – calling for a harsher stance against migrant sex workers.

Although prostitution is decriminalized, it is illegal for temporary migrants, such as those on student or work visas, to provide sexual services in New Zealand.

“There are laws in place regarding who can and cannot work as a prostitute in New Zealand,” Lewis said.

Lisa Lewis, escort and New Zealand’s first naked newsreader.

“But why is [sic] there no questions being asked when migrant sex workers advertise their services on websites and the back pages of newspapers here.”

She wants INZ to shift its focus from just deporting migrant sex workers to punish those that profit from helping the promotion of these illegal sex workers.

Lewis said the increase in number of foreign prostitutes coming over has hit local sex workers in the pocket.

“Many of the girls no longer meet the same quota as they did a few years ago,” she said.

These foreign girls were also offering services such as “natural” acts or unprotected sex, Lewis said, which is unlawful under prostitution laws here.

“These not only put their health and safety at risk, but also clients’ health and safety at risk,” she said.

New Zealand Herald

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