If you think criminalizing prostitution protects women, you need to read this story

23-year-old Donna Castleberry was standing just outside of her apartment building in Ohio when a plain-clothes cop tried to force her into his unmarked car. Some witnesses are saying he did not first identify himself as a police officer.

Understandably she tried to resist being forced into a car by a man she didn’t know, pulled out a knife that she had on her and stabbed the officer in the hand as she tried to get away.

In return, the police officer pulled out his gun and shot her as many as 5 times. She died from those gunshot wounds.

The police officer was taken to the hospital to treat his stab wound. He says he accosted her because he thought she was a sex worker.



4 Replies to “If you think criminalizing prostitution protects women, you need to read this story”

  1. LurkingReader

    This narrative on this story is already all over the place. Family now says shot eight times.

    This post says she was just minding her business and defending herself against an undercover cop accosting and forcing her into car.

    Family says cop parked against building to prevent her from getting out.

    Per local news court records showed an active FTA warrant for prostitution.

    There are already multiple GoFundMe set up to commodify her death and the narrative is going to get muddier through process of family choosing which ‘professional protest’ group they will align themselves with.

  2. Cosmo K.

    A crooked cop is a crooked cop, not matter if hooking is legal or not. It’s sad what happened to this woman. Cops always get off and can act like total sociopaths. This guy is no exception I’m sure.

  3. spawn777

    The difference in narratives really don’t change the fact that criminalizing prostitution is ridiculous, and obviously ripe for abuse in enforcing it.

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