The following blurb in the news caught my attention, because I used to work at NASA

NASA Releases Space Tourist Criteria
By MARCIA DUNN, AP Aerospace Writer

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) – Even if they have the millions of dollars needed for a space station vacation, delinquents, liars, drunks and the infamous need not apply.

The article goes on to lay out the following criteria, in addition to the 20 MILLION dollar round trip airfare and accommodations:

A candidate’s past and present conduct must be assessed, according to the criteria, with disqualification considered in the case of delinquency or misconduct in prior employment or military service.

Well that appears to rule out Bill Clinton and Hillary, not to mention pretty much every past president we have had since the inception of the program. Only Jimmy Carter would have a snowballs chance in hell.

Other disqualifying traits: criminal, dishonest, infamous or notoriously disgraceful conduct; intentional false statement or fraud;

Now that DEFINITELY rules out Bill Clinton, who if he had to have gotten a security clearance to hold office would never have passed. It also rules out most politicians to be fair, even John F Kennedy, who started the whole thing.

habitual use of intoxicating beverages to excess; abuse of narcotics, drugs or other controlled substances; and membership or sponsorship in organizations which adversely affect the public’s confidence in the space station or its partners.

Well that rules out the rest of the Kennedys, not to mention 99.9% of Hollywood, television evangelists, 98% of Porn Valley and most Canadians. Where do they find astronauts to fly these missions anyway?

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