Gloria Allred with Jessica Drake

Did Gloria Allred drop Jessica Drake as a client?

We haven’t seen Jessica Drake in the news, standing next to Gloria Allred lately. Could it be that the two are no longer working together?

According to Nick East, famed attorney Gloria Allred, in fact, dropped Jessica Drake because she bulled August Ames contributing to her eventual suicide.


What do you think?


3 Replies to “Did Gloria Allred drop Jessica Drake as a client?”

  1. PornReporter

    LOL Well, if Nick “‘shrooms” East said it. . .

    On April 23, only a few weeks ago and months after the Ames disaster, drake and Allred appeared on TV together.

    And we reported on it here on on April 25:

    Also, how is this a “readers chime in” survey? It’s a question of fact.

  2. Mike South

    word I have is that it wasn’t bullying so much as Jessicas story didn’t pan out to be true, more of an attention opportunity than something that really happened….Jessica has always been intensely jealous of Stormy, no secret there….

  3. Hop Sing

    I think you’re full of shit.

    The fact that people from Podunk to Peru know the name “Stormy Daniels” notwithstanding, I don’t believe drake is jealous of Daniels or anyone else, for that matter.

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