I Am To Be The Luckiest Man On Earth

It felt kinda weird to break the story hereso I went ahead and let Cindi have it. But Yes Kayden Kross and I will be getting married, the official date hasn’t been set yet but likely sometime in the summer when Kayden moves here.

My buddy Case has agreed to be best man.

Kayden you are the best baby and I love you….Thank You.

5 Replies to “I Am To Be The Luckiest Man On Earth”

  1. backspace

    this should be interesting. if it’s a marketing gimmick it’s a pretty smart one…lol! j/k congrats to you both!

  2. BT

    I took the bait and was fooled once by Mike’s April Fool’s Post. Don’t think I’ll fall for it again. I hear you’re a great guy, Mike, but I’ve seen your picture and Kayden’s. You’re not that great a guy!

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