Someone’s Knickers are in a Wad

The Kazoo is either constipated or got the runs. Might also explain his pre-occupation with begging for sex.

Being tech ignorant I forwarded emails to Mike South who can link whichever one Kazoo thinks is gonna tell you something you don’t already know…the only thing I can think of is how he asked this anonymous nobody to hook him up with a job.

It would seem Kazoo and some other folks think they are somehow ENTITLED to do deep vetting on me before my words will carry any meaning. Sorry it just isn’t so…talk is cheap and I’m not looking for a job or party invite.

I’m not beholden to you or anyone else in this industry beyond what and how I choose to participate. Do you think I give a shit about waiting for someone to recognize or approve of my family or associates that exposed me to this business before most of you were even alive? If I did I would have been name dropping to get my foot in the door of your party…instead I walked in the front door via site registration and have been speaking my piece. Frankly I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether you read what I say or not. Nor do I care about your twitter wars, or anything else you’re blowing up into mass proportions cuz you have no clue what a real war looks like.

Anyone who was around or listened to their elders can tell you the same stories from NYC tri-state through the seventies. I’m not talking about a MI-Porn video you watched and think you know what happened…I’m talking the five years before the government stepped in. If you were there you know, if you weren’t you don’t.

I can’t tell you how sick it makes me to see the way Free Speech gets tossed around like it’s the latest cheap novelty accessory. Afraid someone might come look at your records? Afraid you might have to spend a couple of hours getting processed till your lawyer shows up? Cuz the big bad government wolf is gonna get ya?

How about arrests for waiting at a cross walk with a stranger, who also happens to be a felon…that’s the kind of prior restraint my buddy the geezer lawyer not only quashed but proactively fought to create laws so it didn’t happen any more.

Try having your dad locked up for the weekend when the cops automatically assumed something other than what it was…a restaurant owners kid offering a hungry kid a meal. Before he had a shower he found me and asked how the kid was and said, don’t be afraid to do it again…three hots and a cot are better than she’s got these days.

Nobody cares what or how adults are fucking in their private life. Just like I heard everyday…times are different now, somewhere somehow somebody is gonna have to be appeased. STI, like the rat that shut down the NYC Dunkin’Donuts are part of living in the big city. If you want to stay open you’ve got to control your vermin, hiding them isn’t good enough cuz sooner or later they come out to play.

Thanks to those who came before us, speaking my piece doesn’t require appeasing you.

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  1. BrookeTyler

    Yeah….whatever. Talk about a site taking a downhill slide and fast, I don’t think I have ever seen a site take such a dive in a blink of an eye. I thought surely you hit rock bottom but with this post it looks like there may be signs of life. It appears Lurking Reader brought a shovel and is proceeding to dig further. Oh, and remember that credibility thing I was saying…looks like I was right. Roles have reversed, you are now the Kazoo and Rob Black, well he was right all along. Funny how things work out like that. Screen Shot.

  2. BT

    I’m sort of shocked by the level of vitriol out there directed at LurkingReader and Lacey on other sites. You don’t like their opinions, post your own and win the battle of ideas. But the personal attacks are just out of line.

  3. Lacey Blake

    @BT –
    It’s ok. Sometimes it’s a good idea to be reminded just how human you are… 🙂
    The first personal attack that ever made my cry. He should be proud. I’m actually slightly impressed by this.. whatever.. it is what it is. :-/

  4. LurkingReader


    Ty for support..I’m a big girl and this isn’t my first Rodeo, the people I respect generally don’t wind up on the public dole begging for handouts after a lifetime of hard work.

  5. RiccoMarin

    Brooke Tyler; did you get fired from this site or quit?
    Are u now working for Rob Black as a new editor for
    He is really going places in the adult industry you know and everbody like Christian Mann and John Stag love Rob Black.

  6. LurkingReader


    You do know plausibility and credibility are two different things right?

    Thanks for noticing my shovel, seems like the only thing falling into the hole is the industry party line that the FSC testing protocols work. The funniest part is watching folks like you call out Mike proving it!

    Let’s compare these Screen Shots in five years…have a nice day.

  7. LurkingReader


    I’ll never understand why folks riding off someone else’s coat tail try to convince people that they’d still be relevant after those strings are cut.

  8. mharris127

    So am I, BT. I am very capable of vitriol myself but I usually save it for people that deserve it for being scumbags. Lurking and Lacey are not scumbags, I actually appreciate their posts — they do make me think even if I disagree with them. Rob Black on the other hand — people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Mr. Checks Bouncing All Over Town should rethink his strategy for getting back at porn, it isn’t working. I actually had to duck outside today to keep one of Rob’s bouncing checks from hitting me in the face — eight years after it was written. 🙂

    BTW Rob, I read the e-mail screen shots Lurking posted today. Did you tell Lurking that you wanted to “fuck her where (she) breathes” at some time in an e-mail that is not posted (reference to the asking her to have sex with you comment in one of the posted e-mails)? That seemed to be your favorite comment on your webcast and blog for a while. BTW yes, oral sex is sex so the guys that you also threatened to “fuck where (they) breathe” comments prove you are bisexual. Will we next see Rob Black in the latest Falcon (a large gay porn studio) production “Fuck Them Where They Breathe” — a new line of films with Rob Black as the star fucking guys and trannies in the throat? Better use a condom, Rob. The gay end of the biz doesn’t test for AIDS.

  9. LurkingReader


    Clarity…I guessed that bowel movements or asking for sex might explain Kazoo having his knickers in a wad…not that he asked me for sex.

    I think you aptly pointed out what I was referring to..IDK maybe he thinks asking for sex makes him a tough guy or important somehow?

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