Who’da Thunk It

Well Its over, and Trump won. It will be interesting to see how the transition of power happens. Clinton was shallow to refuse to concede, show she is as low brow as Trump. In the end the first thing that pops into my mind is will Obama issue Hillary a blanket pardon so Trump cant indict her? I think he will.

As things stand now Prop 60 went down. What that really means is that Porn got a reprive, will we do anything to proactively improve conditions for performers or will we be dealing with the next round in two years? I know what I am betting on….

While a Trump presidency frightens me so would a Clinton Presidency….In the end I have to have faith that Americans will do the right thing and that in the end this election will prove to be a new and better regime….I think we will reign him in or run him out.

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  1. rawalex

    Obama has nothing to lose, so you can imagine that the next few months will be pardons galore. He now no longer has to worry about passing the baton on to Hillary, so he can pretty much take care of everyone he likes and walk out the door without any risk. Hillary, well… he might not be able to excuse everything she did. Don’t be shocked to see a future AG in the Trump administration spending an incredibly huge amount of time poking under Clinton sized rocks looking for gold (and they will find some, no doubt).

    As for Trump as President, well fuck. I think the biggest issue isn’t Trump, but actually Pence. That guy makes the Moral Majority look mainstream. He’s seriously WAY OVER THERE on all sorts of issues (like passing a law in his state that made it a criminal offence for gay people to ask for a marriage license). Roe V Wade will be seriously under attack, especially if they can stack the SCOTUS with a couple more conservatives to tilt the balance.

    Porn won’t get off lightly either. We have enjoy 8 years or relative peace with Obama keeping the conservatives at bay on many issues. Don’t be surprised to see a massive, powerful, and organized move to censor porn on the internet and to make it much, much harder to produce, distribute, and work in porn. It will probably take about 2 years, but 2018 is likely to suck shit for the porn world.

    Finally there is one other big issue – the threat of war. Sad to say, but with Trump in the White House it’s very likely that the US will once again get involved in foreign wars that will not end in a good way. North Korea is probably first on the list to be made an example of, and don’t be shocked if Trump wages economic war on China by quickly finding a way to slap a huge tax on goods from China and tearing up pretty much every other trade agreement out there.

    It’s not gonna be a fun few years, that is for sure.

  2. Sam38g

    Say good bye to Freedom of Speech. Already Trump trolls are telling everyone who did not vote for him to shut up & death threats.

    Already the KKK marches & Stock market drops off.

    If ya’ll wanted change by repealing all civil liberties then you got exactly what you wanted.

    While everyone is celebrating winning prop 60, the very law Freedom of Speech that porn has used as protection will be repealed. They all forget the GOP platform called for a war on porn & it is a public health crisis.

  3. Dirty Bob

    Why did you say Clinton refused to concede? Trump’s victory speech makes reference to her calling him and doing just that…?

  4. Karmafan

    Many folks said publicly they would NOT vote for Trump and then when they got in the booth they voted for him anyways. I just wonder how much of his “Pie In The Sky” shit (make America great, bring back our jobs, build a wall, and stop illegals and muslims) will really come to pass? For sure they will go to work on Roe vs. Wade.

  5. schlermy

    I’d like to see a woman president except for Hillary, who has a long, long list of unlikeablity. Plus, with political correctness being so outrageous, Hillary would have made it nuclear.

    Trump is an arrogant ass and he is well hated around the world. Still, he’ll try to get his way in Washington, either the hatred from all corners will continue or some much needed changes will get made.

    I was out of the country from 1992-2013 and when I came back it was a shadow of it’s former self. It was clear as night and day that a large chunk of Americans have been economically crippled, turning people into sophisticated liars/con artists. Hatred is rampant and of course, the aforementioned appalling political correctness.

    These CEO’s have been allowed to run roughshod over the country, turning people into animals. Trump does want revenge against them, he and his staff have loudly stated so. At least Trump & Co. have the most important target in their sights.

    Hillary would have DEFINITELY continued the ruin of this decimated country. Trump may fail but he’ll go down swinging.

  6. Sam38g

    She did concede to him in a phone call & publicly. Doing it at 3am in a twitter rant is HIS STYLE.

    Just because she didn’t do it in fast enough might be a bit sexist of you.

  7. Goddess

    What floors me is that his followers didn’t even require him to have a freaking concrete PLAN for implementation. And when he came to my town and people were saying how he was going to bring back the steel mills? Give me a frigging break. The mills closed back in 1977! They’re not coming back. Especially since he can get cheaper steel in China…

  8. Toby

    The biggest, longest lasting impact will most likely be at least one, and quite likely several, conservative judges appointed to the SCOTUS.

  9. MikeSouth

    she did but when I wrote that I was going to bed and she had just sent put podesta to say she wasnt conceding even though it was over…. I have a lot of concerns and remember I did NOT vote for Trump but I didnt vote for Hillary either….At this point I can accept whats ahead and have enough faith in the Aerican people that as we have in the past we will reel him in if we need to

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  10. Sam38g

    59 million American’s did NOT vote for Trump. Now a few of them are protesting in 7 cities. Where is he? Why isn’t he out there in NYC talking to them outside of his building?
    He fails to address the unite America when it is at his front door. He thought, now that I’ve won everyone will do what I want.

  11. Toby

    That 59.9 million only counts Clinton voters. When you include all votes for President there were 65.8 million that voted for someone other than Trump, or 52.5%.

  12. joeschmoe


    The sad part is most people who voted for Trump likely didn’t read the 100 day plan he put out.

    With the GOP controlling congress, the next Justice (and maybe one or two more as they are getting old), we can expect plenty of wasteful time denying equal rights based on sexual orientation, fights on gay marriage, abortion, trans bathroom laws, and forget about gun restrictions. Pot will continue to be evil while the good Christians feed their families legal opiates. It is interesting America has moved in this direction beyond just their presidential votes.

    It will be a crazy 4 years… a lot of stuff he said he will do, will change. He needs Congress for a lot of these things and even GOP will not support all of it. Good bye to the dream of Universal Health Care and say hello to more tax cuts for wealthy and corporations (GOP staples).

    Grab the popcorn . America is a resilient country filled with 95% good and decent people. It will survive Trump and perhaps all the shitstorm will actually push people to build a better system. The real wild card is going to war….. that is what can cause a lot of damage that takes generations to repair. I hope Congress can control him enough so they don’t start any new ones.

    Canadian Government has already said they are willing to re negotiate Nafta with the new president…… they are not playing hard ball with Trump it seems.

  13. Sam38g

    If he doesn’t do exactly what he promised running for Potus, his supporters are very vocal about it.

    If takes away civil rights like he promised campaigning the rest of America will have an issue about it.

    Hillary best have a sigh of relief that she doesn’t have to deal with such a divided nation.
    STILL he has said nothing since the victory speech to heal this nation. His supporters on twitter are busy telling everyone to shut up & take it. Is he under the same delusion just because he won that the rest of America has no say?

    America marched right up to his front door last night looking for leadership and he HID!

  14. brendachicago

    He makes Rudy AG , porn is in big trouble and Trump took the porn pledge.
    what Trump signed:

    If elected President of the United State of America, I promise to:

    1) Uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforce existing federal laws to prevent the
    sexual exploitation of children online, including the federal obscenity laws, child
    pornography laws, sexual predation laws and the sex trafficking laws by:
    a. appointing an Attorney General who will make the prosecution of such laws a
    top priority in my administration and,

    b. Providing the intelligence community and law enforcement with the resources
    and tools needed to investigate and prosecute Internet crimes involving the
    sexual exploitation of children.
    2) Aggressively enforce the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requiring schools
    and public libraries using government eRate monies to filter child pornography and pornography
    by requiring effective oversight by the Federal Communications Commission;
    3) Protect and defend the innocence of America’s children by advancing public policies
    that prevent the sexual exploitation of children in a manner that is consistent with the
    government’s compelling interest in protecting its most vulnerable citizens, within the limits set forth by the First Amendment.12
    4) Give serious consideration to appointing a Presidential Commission to examine the
    harmful public health impact of Internet pornography on youth, families and the American
    culture and the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children in the digital age.
    5) Establish public-private partnerships with Corporate America to step up voluntary efforts to reduce the threat of the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children by the implementation of updated corporate policies and viable technology tools and solutions.

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