Who Owns Cutting Edge Testing?

I am getting reports that  Ismael Ibrahim, aka, Tony T.  is a part owner of Cutting Edge Testing?

He attends meetings with Dr. Miao and Diane Duke I am told.

Do tell…..whats up with that one? More as this unfolds….

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  1. Billy

    Interesting. Remember that Mind-geek forced all the talent that work for Brazzers to only test with CET. Tony T is a director at Brazzers, food for thought.

  2. jilted

    What makes me think that the old addage, “Follow the money” is going to reveal some pretty interesting relationships in this case? Each layer that gets unfoled here is going to be pretty eye opening, be patient, a reality slap in the face is on the way.

    They say its not what you know but “who” you know,,,but when you know what “who” knows, well that kind of puts you in the catbird seat doesnt it?

  3. common sense

    The performers don’t care. They love being taken advantage of. They are too afraid/ too dumb to speak out about anything. 🙁 hahahaha! This is hilarious! Lol lol lol!!!

    Ps. I wonder what Jennifer Ruby thinks about this? Lol!!!

  4. jilted

    How embarrasing this must be for all the APAC dupes. All this time doing the bidding of producers, and the whole time the performers are paying the producers for their tests. Proof positive that APAC is nothing but a joke. One or the other,,,you didnt know, which means youre an idiot, or you did know and were playing along, and keeping your mouth shut like a good little lap dog.

    if this is true,hasnt been fully verified yet, but something tells me it will be soon.

  5. I am The Man from Nantucket

    Did a LATATA Member agent not demand and or rally up other Members to require the Producers who demand a fourteen day test to reimburse all performers $20 ? As I recall that agent was ridiculed and accused of pocketing that very $20. Seems to me that accusation was unfounded because the $20 went directly to the performers via their checks.
    Hmmm wonder what company,entities first came up with the 14 day test deal. LOL
    Did the FSC Encourage the shut down of the crumbs going to performers idea ? which was a mere offset of testing cost talents absorbs. Oh well maybe with condoms laws enforcement now on the horizon, there will be no need to test whatsoever ..Well that might be after a saran wrap covering mouth and genitalia NEW law invention requirements. Whats Next.
    This Industry is about done. Getting burned on both ends

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