The Latest on The Latest HIV Positive

Every performer reading this please take note.  Instead of this insanely stupid power play that the FSC always does in these situations I want you all to make a promise to your fellow performers right now.  If you test positive for HIV, just step up and say so.  Just say hey guys I just wanted everyone to know that I tested positive for HIV today, hopefully it is a false positive but I want you all to hear it from me because that is where you should hear it.  You all have my word that I will get the word out immediately as I find out anything.

Just once is all it would take, then everyone would handle it that way and this stupid cat and mouse game that the FSC plays with you would be over and this situation would be handled as it should be.

We are adults here and most are responsible and smart enough to know that this would go a very long way to making you look grown up and responsible to the rest of the world.

The false positives arent going to harm you and it isnt fair to your fellow performers to have The FSC release one of these letters and have all the other performers lose sleep wondering if they have been exposed.  If you were in their shoes I expect you would feel the same way.

Lets show the FSC and AHF and all the rest of the people who assign no value to your life other than information that they can manipulate to achieve their agendas that you have the control and that you will do the right thing on your own terms.

You all have my word that if it is me, ever, in that situation that is how I will do it.  I am not a coward, you will hear it from me should that ever be the case…God forbid.

I pretty much know who it is, I am holding off until tomorrow when the third test results (second draw)  are back.

meantime y’all think about this, you all know thats the right way to handle it.  And if you put it out through me or anyone else I will back you 100% for doing the right thing.


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  1. common sense

    Well I checked social media and as expected most of the performers don’t seem to be too concerned about this new possible HIV case. As a matter of fact, Christian xxx along with some other guy wants everyone to know its not them.. And get this.. A female performer actually said its time to get back to shooting more!!! NOT SURPRISED!! #onlyinporn #theydon’tcareaboutanythingoranyonenoteventhemselves

  2. joeschmoe

    Christian always makes off handed self absorbed remarks every time there is an HIV case. He knows the vast majority of porn fans and porn industry people wish he would get it and be done with his reckless career, but I guess he likes to laugh at people every time he gets a clean test. It’s insecure of course, but what else can he do when he is so hated? He got less than 10 paid scenes in 2014 so he has pretty much been blackballed even by the US TS producers.

    But do be honest, I don’t think anyone really cares what he has to say anymore. He is so on the fringe now, and his threats to unknown TS performers in order to get bareback sex are starting to become more known. I have never seen someone so obsessed with bareback sex to the point of burning every bridge and bullying and intimidating the unknown and unrepresented TS girls he content trades with . He is what he is.

    PS – I just got sucked in to the “bashing Christian” vortex… please forgive me, I should not allow myself to fall down that hole.

  3. LurkingReader

    Would this work as an alternative to publicly posting what’s gotta be a devastating blow for the world to see and toss around like a toy while waiting on confirmatory testing results?

    Performer keeps log of partners w contact info and either shares with them partners directly or via HIIPA compliant partner notification processes in place and used by every US health dept as well as many international health agencies?

    Granted it’s the same honor system that played part in HIV+ test they’re waiting to confirm or dismiss. Just seems fucacta with each Pass/performer notification rampant fear runs quicker than a wild fire through the industry that remains content in blissful ignorance of non-Pass partners who test positive and waltz into the sunset without looking back.

    FSC is more interested in covering FSC/Stakeholders fiscal asses than the true stakeholders with their physical health on the line. Since this is at least sixth time in two years I’ll be redundant …if this news concerns you because the HIV in question could be one of your partners ..don’t wait for FSC to notify you…abstain…use a condom…get tested. Better to ‘waste’ the cost of a test as peace of mind investment than live in anxiety.

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