Shelly Lubben Passes

Shelly Lubben Died Yesterday in Springfield CA at the age of 50.  Theres no word on the cause of death yet.  The news saddens me, Shelly was always nice and helpful to me and In my opinion she is a prime example of someone the industry should have weeded out before she got into the biz.  She went on to be an active anti porn crusader.  Shelly was at heart a good person, like I said she was always nice to me and I always helped her when I could. My condolences to her family and friends.

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  1. mharris127

    May Shelley Lube and Hate not be able to cause problems for this industry ever again. Shelley Lubben was a world class bitch, a charlatan, a crook and a con artist. That bitch conned millions out of unsuspecting Christians to pay for her own personal lifestyle, spending minimal money on her supposed “charity”. If someone lets me know where her grave is I might fly out and piss on it! Hell, I would like to go the funeral home and shove my dick and piss in her decomposing mouth, unfortunately that would get me arrested and with the weather we are having right now all flights out of my local airport are grounded. Do not RIP, Shelley “Lube and Hate” Lubben! I do feel for her husband and kids, though — no matter how horrible of a person Shelley Lubben was they loved her and are grieving. They will also miss the money that “Pink Cross” brought in and are probably fucked financially (although once Shelley was outed as a scam artist the donations mostly dried up). “Dr. Flip Flop” and husband of eternal doctoral student and fake “feminist” Christina Purina (excuse me, Perriera) might not be a very good person but he did one thing right — outed and presented proof of Shelley Lubben being a scam artist and a charlatan.

  2. Matt Danzig

    Well Mr Harris I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now. That brought tears to my eyes. Never before has anyone moved me, so greatly, with just words. Everyone here should thank you and put aside pettiness for just this day. A special day where we all come together to celebrate. A day of joy and relief. What a great day to be alive and an even better day now that vile cunt has finally choked on her own hatred. She looked down on so many people. She used, judged, stole from and used people’s addictions against them. It’s just absolutely perfect the fn cunt overdosed. After all that talk about how she was completely clean since 2000…I never thought I would say this about another human being (and mean it) but good fucking riddance. I bow to you Mr. Harris, for today you are the truth. Well done. Well done. Roxy, I’ll see you in Hell

  3. Matt Danzig

    Her oldest kid just died a few weeks ago. She cheated on her husband and destroyed that family. I really doubt those really close to her will be in mourning for long…she made her bed and now she is officially laying in it. As we speak Karma just laid down beside her and hopefully sticks around for a bit …just to make sure she gets everything she deserves. Man what a great day.

  4. mharris127

    Matt, I feel for Mr. Lubben about their son passing away. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt about him not being directly involved in the scam organization Shelley ran but he had to know that the money wasn’t being spent on charity unless their kids cell phones, her trips to Las Vegas and Los Angeles bars to get drunk off of her ass using Pink Cross money (using non-charity money to get drunk and fuck isn’t an issue with me — it was the fact that she was using Pink Cross money and reporting the expense as charitable on her annual IRS forms) and having Ron Jeremy sign her tits (and probably fuck him in the Sardo’s restroom) and their family vacations were unknown to him (not likely). As for Shelley Lubben, I pray that God is more forgiving than me, I would send her straight to Hell with a note for Satan to fuck her up the ass, up the pussy and down the throat with his fire throwing, pitchforked dick at least 20 times each day for all eternity if it were my choice. I think Satan will serve as Karma in this case. Shelley was a bad person, she took little old Christian ladies for a ride to support her lifestyle — $20 at a time! I question whether she was actually even a Christian — only she and her Maker know the answer to that one.

    It should be noted that I was the type that wouldn’t even charge an alcoholic drink to my employer while I was traveling (and I was a world-class drunk). I charged my alcoholic drink to the CU tab only once — after my boss told me to. I never charged alcoholic drinks to any university employer’s charge card. Maybe that gives some perspective about why I would ride on the late scumbag Shelley Lubben’s use of Pink Cross money to pay for her drinking and carousing.

  5. Skeet Jizzle

    I was scammed by her in the days of ” that’s before twitter” for some here.

    I donated to ” Save” Andi Anderson . Shelly took the $2500 and promised me it will go to good use.

    I know better Now. I am forever changed

    I bet the good use she spoke of was cocaine

  6. Hop Sing

    Matthew Harris: It’s not bad enough you have these sick, twisted, violent fantasies about prison. NOW we learn you fantasize (and possibly actually practice) necrophilia. I strongly suggest you discuss these issues with your therapist.

  7. mharris127

    Cocksucker Sing, pissing in Shelley’s mouth would not qualify as necrophilia as I wouldn’t get any sexual pleasure out of it. I just want to desecrate her corpse to make a statement about her scamming, scumbag ways.

  8. joeschmoe

    Interesting to hear nice words from Mike. She had such a horrible reputation and her whole “save girls with Jesus” seemed very sketchy.

  9. Mike South

    My general rule is to judge people by my experience with them, and seeing that a lot of the dirt on her came from ari bass I just discounted it…that bit in XBiz where he essentially eulogized her was indicative of the sloppy state of things at XBiz….that was like asking Michael Moore to eulogize President Trump… I really didn’t follow much of what happened to her post porn I know she had a bad experience and didnt want other girls to suffer the same fate…I would rather someone like her be sent to some org outside the biz we do share some of the blame for the shit she caused the industry but I didn’t see any harm in sending her a girl I thought she could help and I sent her two and they loved her…. I generally dont speak ill of the dead not even if it were Donny Long…..though I wouldnt praise him….anyway thats my 2 one hundredths of a dollar on it all….I do miss the intelligent people here I always said I had the best commenters and I was and this site still is the only one that is open to commentary Im proud of that. I have entertaied the idea of writing here again on a semi regular basis but the details havent worked out thus far…Love yall and Gos forbid any of you pass I wont speak ill of you….Ok maybe Donny….

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