Now I Can Say That I Support Prop 60, Here is Why

My reader Lurking Reader explains it: ( a HUGE thank you to Lurking Reader as well as BT, AmDazed, Jilted and everyone else who works very hard to help me keep the information here both accurate and understandable, I owe much to you all…Thank You,) I have the best readers of anyone.

Read the full text of the proposal. IF…. that’s right IF OSHA doesn’t investigate a claim the complainant can file a civil suit to win 25% of what the OSHA penalties would have been IF the court finds violations occurred.

This puts a fire under Cal/OSHA ass…they have to give priority to verifying and responding to the complaints. If enough complaints wind up in court it helps substantiate a complaint against the state plan (Cal/OSHA) with Federal OSHA. The fed treasury pays the state half the administrative costs and lets the state keep all revenues for their general funds so any fines or reduction in funding threats is a big stick.

Not sure if it applies but consider citizen arrests pursued in a lawful manner.

For food industries where whistleblower retaliation was a given health dept and OSHA were forced to respond to certain critical complaints within x hours…. regardless of who makes the complaint. If the condition exists when they get there the establishment can be shut down until the issue is corrected. If they let it slide they cam be named as defendants in lawsuits.

Now that provision makes sense and in looking into and considering it I have to come out in support of Prop 60.  There is an AWFUL LOT of mis-information about this measure, but when you read it and consider it and consider what it does and just as importantly does NOT do it makes sense.

To some degree it even allows performers to make the choice, in that if nobody files a complaint with OSHA…nothing happens.

I hope you guys now have an understanding of how and why Prop 60 came about I can not fault AHF for getting tired of paying a LOT of money for porn performers who have massive medical bills because the industry refused to abide by the law AND refused to take care of the performers who became sick.

If you are a performer, make NO mistake about it, should you get HIV nobody in porn is going to help you in any way. PERIOD. If you think otherwise ask any of the girls or guys mentioned in previous posts who contracted HIV any way you look at it I think that Derek Burts and Cameron Bay got HIV as a result of the business, they both make that claim and they both cite circumstances that would hold up in a civil trial. Remember performers, this is how they will treat you if you get HIV.

Add to it the fact that prostitution is now the main source of income for many performers and the preponderance of males who are either gay or bisexual and working actively as straight performers because drugs allow them to do so.

And lets not forget that we had a VERY active female performer who was having unprotected sex with an HIV positive former performer, she even got pregnant with his child.  If you are a performer this should scare the hell out of you, all the testing on earth on a daily basis wouldn’t minimize the risk that this posed. This former performer who is HIV Positive, is also a financial  supporter of The Free Speech Coalition, go figure.  IF the female had NOT been a performer and a very active one at that, I wouldn’t even bring this up, that’s between them, but that was not the case, she exposed every single person that she shot with.

Come on people this is just plain wrong, is it any wonder that we are fighting this fight and the simple truth is, can you look at this industry and say that we are doing the right thing?

Performers, you SHOULD be mad about this, but not at AHF, you should be mad at The FSC. and speaking of I have an explosive story about Diane Duke and Jeffery Douglas and my source is 100% willing to come forward, but I am having problems in allowing the source to do so I don’t want to make this persons situation worse the person has been through enough and doesn’t deserve it.  If Diane Duke were a human being she would contact me and work with me to straighten this out, accept responsibility for her part in it and allow the industry to decide if what is happening and has happened should be acceptable.

Diane Duke, you have my word that will treat you fairly, that doesn’t mean I won’t demand the truth but it does mean that I won’t bully or embarrass you, that I will be civil.  That is IF you are human enough to come forward.  I will let you get in front of this,  but honesty is 100% prerequisite.


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    ya xbiz asked me if I approved it my response was that my standing policy is anyone may use anything I write so long as they source me and link back to the original, so my approval was tacit.

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