Mister Marcus Still Clueless After A Year

Mister Syphilis
Mister Syphilis

In a kiss Mister Marcus’s poor black ass story from XBiz   Dan Miller (whom I like) does a fluff peice to try to help Mister Marcus, the problem is Mister Syphilis does nothing to help himself.  he still will not accept responsibility for the fact that he faked his test and knowingly exposed people to STDS

Lets look at some quotes:

Even though now he is “totally clear” of the disease, he said not a single producer or director has called to book him since the scandal broke.

If an opportunity comes, Mr. Marcus said he has not ruled out a return to performing, but it would have to be “special.”

Who da fuck does he think he is kidding, he’d take a scene right now with tanning mom if she’d do him, and even she probably has enough sense not to.

“They’re probably the reason why I’ve lasted this long because they still show me love,” Mr. Marcus continued. “But put yourself in my shoes. You’re blasted out to the hemisphere as having an STD. You’re labeled as someone who doesn’t care about other people and you willingly and knowingly exposed people. You shut down an industry. You cost people jobs. And those things are in my head when I go to the grocery store, when I walk into a club or when I try to go to an adult function and try to hang out. All that dialogue is in my head, man.

“But you know better. You caught an STD, it happens. You got it treated, it happens.”

You still don’t get it do you Mister Marcus, you still can’t speak the truth….Nobody turned on you because you caught an STD you arrogant mother fucker….they turned on you because you betrayed their trust, you faked an STD test and you knowingly exposed others to Syphilis yet you still won’t own that.  You are a 20+ year veteran of this biz  YOU of all people knew better.

Shame on Dan Miller and shame on XBiz for trying to breathe life back into your tainted career, you deserve the exile you are wallowing in, there’s some things even porners wont forgive and you found one.  Fuck you Mister Marcus and go away.  Last time we talked you told me you had many other things you could do other than porn…FIND ONE and get to it mother fucker.

The only thing in his credit is he aint playin the race card.

As an industry I encourage everyone to continue to ignore his calls, and his pleas….



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  1. RiccoMarin

    FUCK EM!! He forged a test and and went back to work like it was nothing. Your right Mike. He needs to go somewhere else and do somthing else and go play with his Doc johnson toys.
    Maybe his Agent Jim South can get him some work ?
    I bet he can ! Mucus doesn’t give a shit about anybody and that really shows. Typical LA cocksucker.

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