Lets Build a Memorial To Our Lost freedom

Watching the news last night I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  The bottom feeding lowlifes we chose to represent us in government want to build a monument to “The War on Terror”  I admit that I immediately went into a rage, first off as the story pointed out a war has to be over for a minimum of ten years before a war memorial can be built…thats congress own rule obn the matter…of course they can change it and thats the talk.  I don’t know but my gut tells me that this lame brained idea is that of a Republican but my gut tells me this will be bi partisan….Imagine the uniparty building itself a memorial to forever pat themselves on the back for circumventing the Constitution…In the name of terrorism.

That takes a lot of gall right there….

One has to wonder what it might look like….will it list each freedom side by side with the name of the legislation that stripped it away?  something like “The right to due process, slain by the Patriot Act”   The right to be protected against unreasonable search and siezure, slain by The Patriot Act….  The Patriot Act it seems took down a lot of our rights but we can’t forget things like The Rico Act even though that one is a war onb drugs thingy but hey how far behind can that war on drugs memorial be….a constant reminder of an abject failure on its face but really it accomplished what was intended, it gave the government particularly Richard Nixon the ability to strip the rights of his biggest opponents….black people, women and the antiwar movement.

But what bothers me most is that Americans, by and large will wrap this whole Monument to the war on terror in a cloak of patriotism and it will get broad support from the very people who were its victims, American Citizens.

George Orwell is looking down and shaking his head and saying “I Told You So”


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  1. Karmafan

    We are a country of sheeple now eating shit by the yard and thinking its all in our best interest. Take the Republican’s new health plan to replace Obamacare. How can it replace the current plan with one that will leave 23,000,000 Americans without health insurance and put all the elderly, low income and disabled into plans that will guarantee sky high premiums thereby costing that 23 mil people their insurance?

    Meanwhile poorly educated white trash line up to support these programs listening to the BS like they are gonna bring back jobs to the coal industry, we are gonna make America great again, and other shit strong on fooling the people but short on actually happening. We are the laughing stock of the entire world right now and that’s making America great?

  2. spawn777

    How about we have the memorial chiseled with every cell phone number whose data was gathered up incidentally along the way by the NSA. I will be grand, truly ginormous. Every e-mail address devoured by Carnivore could be chiseled on the other side of the monument.

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