Another Company Supporting Piracy

Crak Revenue is the latest company to throw money at The Pirate Bay for advertising:

Not surprising to see, but it looks like Crak Revenue has decided to take traffic from piracy powerhouse the pirate bay.  I thought it might be sneaky and then realized the tracker was:

at that point, I pretty much figured out that they know and are willingly supporting piracy.
Crak Revenue was the XBiz 2013 award winner for best affiliate program….I am sure that Helmy is proud.
We are the architects of our own demise.

11 Replies to “Another Company Supporting Piracy”

  1. kate

    “It’s pretty simple, in the adult industry – money talks, ethics walks. This industry is full of whores who will prostitute themselves out for the almighty dollar and I’m not even talking about the people in front of the camera.”

    Yep. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

  2. RiccoMarin

    That’s right! And just look at the test and I’d and that’s good enough! Let’s start fucking.

    Very ignorant talent today. If I was a porn exec. I’d can all the Porn pimp escort agencies right now and sue the ones connected with the last outbreaks to recover.

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